Does anyone else keep singing that damn Name Game song?  I haven’t been able to stop.  Read on for my recap of that episode and my review of yesterday’s episode.

If you haven’t watched “The Name Game” from last week yet, don’t read the recap, there are SPOILERS!

Last week we welcomed back Pepper, Grace and a little bundle of alien…I mean joy.  Without telling Kit, Dr. Arden tries to x-ray and slice open Grace’s very pregnant stomach, but to no avail.  She is protected by both Pepper, whose intelligence has grown immeasurably, and an alien force.  No pun intended.  The monsignor, who we last saw hanging on the cross got a reprieve from the angel noir of death.  Apparently he still has work to do.  Sister Mary Eunice introduces the rockin’ juke box to the common room and also reintroduces Dr. Thredson as a new permanent member of staff!  Judy mouths off to Sister Mary and is taken for electroshock therapy.  As a much more docile Judy returns to the common room she heads to the juke box and we get a groovy musical number with “The Name Game”.  Jessica Lange looked like a sexy sixties swinger, even though it was all in her mind…it was fun to see the cast get down.

While Judy was seduced by the juke box the monsignor was seduced by Sister Mary, so much for those celibacy vows eh?  Dr. Arden catches them in the act and for a Nazi doctor he definitely has a heartbroken look on his face.  We find out that one of the reasons the monsignor is still alive is to get rid of Sister Mary.  He throws her from the top of the stairway to heaven.  Dr. Arden insists upon cremation, against the monsignor’s wishes, he rides with her into the kiln…but part of me wonders if their story is over yet.  Remember the teen boy that came in possessed by the devil?  When he died the devil jumped into Sister Mary…so who’s the devil now?  Who?  WHO?!

"Yeah I like fresh milk...what of it?"

“Yeah I like fresh milk…what of it?”

Now on to this week’s episode “Spilt Milk”.  I don’t want to give much away so this shouldn’t take long.  We start off seeing New Bloody Face and an escort who gave birth three weeks ago.  Not to sound crass but her jugs are full and Bloody Face is thirsty, takes after dear old dad.  Ewww!  Speaking of dad, Dr. Thredson reunited Kit with Grace in last week’s episode, and he also meets his son, who Grace has named Thomas.  Pepper is still the doting guardian of Grace and little Thomas and she isn’t falling for Dr. Thredson’s new nurturing attitude toward the new family.  During this episode two major characters are liberated and another is cast to the pits of the dungeon.  Another minor character is reintroduced, if only for a brief moment.  This whole episode, in my opinion, had an extremely dream-like quality.  Some things seemed too good to be true while others seemed too cruel for words.  We’ll have to wait until next week to see what New Bloody Face has done with his wet nurse, what Judy has planned and how the hell the monsignor is going to get himself out of the pickle he’s in because of this episode.  Sorry I’m being a bit secretive, but if you haven’t watched this, get on it!  I was on the edge of my seat, thinking things were too good to be true no doubt, but it was a very intriguing episode.  Let me know what your theories are for the end game and as always…thanks for reading friendos!


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    Great job Jizzie.. As always your writing intrigues me!!!

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