GODZILLA lawsuit could cause problems for reboot

It seems as if the Godzilla reboot may have to wait a bit longer. A new lawsuit has sprung up against the film and we have the info below. Check it.

Deadline reports that Legendary Pictures today filed suit against producers Dan Lin, Roy Lee and Doug Davison to have them removed from the Godzilla reboot. The company also wants the court to order arbitration to stop a potential temporary restraining order by the defendants against the film’s production. “This dispute…concerns Defendants’ assertion that they are entitled to substantial producing fees and backend compensation on the Film,” claims Legendary in the suit.

In court documents Legendary claims that it brought the trio on board soon after acquiring the rights to the Godzilla character from Japanese corporation Toho in March 2010. Legendary say that Lin, Lee and Davison had nothing to do with that deal and have no ownership or underlying rights to the giant monster or movies about him. In late 2012 Legendary told Lin, Lee and Davison that they would not be engaging them as producers on the Gareth Edwards-directed reboot.

That’s when things really started to go bad. Hopefully this will all get cleared up soon and everybody can get back to business.

Currently the flick has been dated for a May 16, 2014 release. Let’s hope things stay that way.

new godzilla

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