Why Glen Mazzara left THE WALKING DEAD is revealed

Was it to make the show more “fresh” or was there internal problems between Kirkman and Mazzara? Read on for the details.

Robert-Kirkman-Zombies_02THR reports that Robert Kirkman is ‘very protective’ of his comic property and that played a hand in Mazzara not returning for future seasons of The Walking Dead. Some producer peers of Mazzara have come to his defense, stating that AMC essentially jumps to Kirkman’s tune and that it was the comic  writer who was the main decision maker behind Mazzara’s firing.

Kurt Stutter, producer on Sons of Anarchy, stated that AMC had sent him “a gift basket filled with … broken promises and the marinated tongue used to lick Kirkman’s ass.”

Of course, Kirkman created The Walking Dead and its his property and he probably signed a deal with AMC that allows him to do whatever he wants with The Walking Dead. However, the main point that Mazzara’s producing pals are making is that while Kirkman is a talented  writer, he knows little about tv and thus should defer to his showrunner.  This I do have to agree with to an extent.

Robert Kirkman took the high road stating on Twiter, that Stutter “is brilliant and Sons is my favorite show on TV. Still, it’s upsetting to see him ranting about things he knows nothing about.”

So you make the decision yourself. Was Kirkman being too overprotective of TWD? Sound off below.

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