Exclusive Interview: STORAGE 24 star Noel Clarke

Halloween has come and gone, but the horror films continue to press on. 

One of those films is the UK based horror/sci-fi film “STORAGE 24” directed by Johannes Roberts. This Sci-fi horror film takes place in London where a terrifying beast has run wild on the local storage facility. A group of people paying a trip to their storage unit get trapped inside and are forced to fend for their lives.

Truly Disturbing had a chance to catch up with STORAGE’S star Noel Clarke, Noel Clarkewho not only acts as the films co-scribe, but also stars as Charlie the film’s main protagonist. We got a chance to ask Noel what his inspiration was when writing the film’s main storyline. The rest of the conversation will be represented transcribed below:


Noel Clarke (NC): “The inspiration wasn’t drawn from real life in the respect of someone breaking up with their girlfriend, but we wanted the film to be really relatable. I remember before JAWS came out the only thing people had to fear about water was drowning, then all of a sudden JAWS comes out and now it’s sharks”.

TDhorror: (laughs) “Definitely.”

NC: We just wanted a real element in there that would make an everyday act terrifying. Of course you wouldn’t find an Alien in every storage facility, but there’s just that underlying chance like with JAWS and the great white shark. We wanted normal people with normal lives that get caught up in this very strange situation. Also we wanted to do something different that isn’t normally done in low budget films… we wanted to actually show the creatures. We wanted them to have a personality and be something lurking in the shadows.”

TDhorror: “I noticed that. The creature would be off in the shadows and every time it showed up it was climactic.”

NC: “That’s good (laughs)”

TDhorror: “You were saying earlier that it’s tough to get independent sci-fi films financed. Was this the case with Storage 24?”

NC: “I’ve written about 4 or 5 Sci-Fi scripts but Storage 24 just so happened to get picked up.”

TDhorror: “Do you plan on pursuing more horror and science fiction in the future?”

NC: “Uh… Maybe not so much horror, but I definitely do have a lot of plans to do another Sci-Fi movie in April, which I will direct this time and act in. So I think this will be the next one and then I just want to sit back and direct something. There’s a lot of things the team wants to do so hopefully we get to do them in the future.”

TDhorror: “As far as directing goes what do you find is the most challenging thing about getting your vision realized?”

NC: “I’d say budget. Sometimes you really want to do something special, but you just don’t have the means to do it. So you try and figure out different ways of doing it like we did with STORAGE 24. I feel that there are no obstacles only challenges and you have to find out different ways to handle them.”

TDhorror: “I like that. That’s a great way to look at it! now with STORAGE 24 one of the thing’s I enjoyed about the film was the tension that it created. Director Johannes Roberts did such a good job directing that he was able to create that tension and hold onto it. I congratulate you all on that because it’s not only the director, it was the acting, the writing was relatable and you managed to create a very effective horror film.”

NC: “Thank you. That’s what we wanted to do… Something that was different and we could show everyone that these guys in the UK really have something here. I’m glad that you guys have paid attention to it.”

TDhorror: “I do appreciate independent horror films that are trying to do different things and it’s refreshing to see because there’s not very much substance out there anymore.”

NC: “I appreciate that. We just want to show everyone that we’re not just making british films anymore. We’re making these films that hopefully will attract a wider audience and get us into the United States market.”

TDhorror: “Funny that you mentioned that because I also know that you’re going to be in the upcoming STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. I know everything is pretty tight lipped over there but is there anything at all you can tell us about it?”

NC: “Yeah they’re great people, but obviously they want the fans to enjoy the film with little to no spoilers. All I can say is that I’m a major Sci-Fi fan and I couldn’t dream of anything better than being in a STAR TREK movie.”

TDhorror: “Well Noel Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today and Congratulations on STORAGE 24 as well as the upcoming STAR TREK film.”

NC: “Thank you as well and take care.”


Storage 24 is available right now on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Video on Demand. The film will have a limited release in U.S theaters come January 11, 2013 and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray March 12, 2013. For more information on STORAGE 24 you can visit their Facebook page HERE.

You can also follow Noel Clarke on Twitter at @NoelClarke or you can visit his official website at www.noelclarkeofficial.com. As always be sure to check back here at Truly Disturbing for all your terrifying needs.


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