Frank Darabont tackles GODZILLA reboot

The former Walking Dead showrunner, Frank Darabont, is confirmed to take a swing at the Godzilla reboot. Read on for the details.

godzilla teaserFrank Darabont will give a pass over to the script recently penned by Max Borenstein (and others) for Legendary Pictures, says Deadline.

This writer reshuffling comes in the midst of a producer shake-up.  It appears Legendary is attempting to drop producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee.

Shooting is expected to begin this March on Godzilla under the director of Monsters‘ helmer Gareth Edwards.  Currently, the release date is March 16, 2014.

Can the addition of Darabont be a good thing? Does he have something to prove since being let go of by AMC? We hope this addition is a good one and the “king of monsters” takes his thrown again.

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