Hello friendos!  Yes this is yet another ghost hunting show that recently started.  Read on to find out how I liked it…

This show is pretty much your typical spook seeking show.  A team of four, which includes psychic Chelsea Danali, travel to haunted locations, turn out the lights and turn on the night vision cameras.  In this episode the team visits two places.  The first is Houghton Mansion in Massachusetts.  The back story is that the Houghton family and their driver all died tragically in the early 1900s.  With the family gone the grand house was turned into a Masonic temple.  We hear some first hand experiences that current Free Masons have experienced.  During the pretty by-the-book investigation I learned a new term.  While conducting an EVP session the psychic thinks they have picked up an “echo”.  I just thought it was because they were in a large auditorium, but I was wrong.  Apparently an echo in this case is when a disembodied voice mimics a human voice.  Unfortunately that was the most interesting thing that happened in this part of the episode.

Part two was slightly more eventful as the gang goes to St. Mark’s Church in Manhattan.  St. Mark’s is the second oldest church in New York City and has a grim history of body snatching.  The church was literally built on a graveyard and there are catacombs inside the building.  Once inside I see something that I have never seen on a ghost hunting show.  They do a “ripple in time” which consists of the two men pretending to be grave robbers and a female team member trying to give them ransom to get her “husband’s” body back.  Thinking this will appease the ghosts the guys politely hand over the ashes to her and refuse any money.  They get an interesting EVP after they don’t take the money and run, it says “Take it”.  I guess the ghosts don’t know horrible acting or fake money when they see it.  The psychic feels the spirits are getting pissed but the team leader carries on and finds a crawl space in the basement of the church and like any normal person he decides to lock himself in and conduct another EVP session.  After asking the ghosties some more silly questions he plays it back and hears “Hurt him…bad”.  Needless to say he and the rest of the team, that call themselves the Paranormal Syndicate, tuck their tails in between their legs and run.

This show had a Scooby Doo quality to it.  At the first sign of paranormal activity they would freak and leave the area.  Maybe if they didn’t isolate themselves they would be able to stand their ground.  One factor that made the show somewhat interesting was the use of some terms, made up by them or known to other ghost hunters I have no clue but it kept me from turning the channel.  I will probably check this out again but if you are looking for something groundbreaking in this genre of television you really don’t need to look here.  If you’re still curious check it out for yourself on the BIO channel Friday nights.  Have a great New Year everybody and thanks for reading!




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