What’s that saying?  “New year, new madness”?  No it’s not but when it comes to this show it works.  Read on for a recap of the last episode of last year and a review of the brand new one friendos!

In last year’s “Wire Hanger” we met Mr. John Morgan again who was speaking to a hypno-therapist he found in the yellow pages.  While he was doing some time in the pokey for armed robbery he had the chance to search the web to find out who his real father is…Dr. Oliver Thredson.  A pregnant Lana threatens to abort her baby if Thredson doesn’t confess and it works.  Kit waits in the wings with the tape recorder spinning.  After his terrifying admissions Lana tells him the joke’s on him and she aborted the fetus the night before.  Mission accomplished Kit hides the tapes in the steam bath room and Dr. Arden is there to make Kit an offer he can’t refuse.  Lana runs into Sister Mary Eunice who informs Lana that her baby is alive and well…and it’s a boy.  A hearing for Sister Jude is held and it is decided that she should be locked in Briarcliff for the remainder of her life.  As Dr. Arden fills Kit in on his plan to “almost” kill him to see if the aliens will come to save him Lana goes hunting for Dr. Thredson with her repurposed wire hanger only to find the ropes that had held him captive.  The gullible Monsignor believes Lee, Satan Santa, and performs a baptism on him.  Bad move my man.  Lee performs a baptism of his own and leaves the Monsignor hanging.  At the end of the episode Lana and Sister Jude, now Judy Martin, form a shaky alliance, especially after Judy breaks that maddening “Dominique” record.

In “The Name Game” we begin with Dr. Arden who surprisingly kept his promise to Kit and didn’t actually kill him.  Good on you mate.  Kit asks if anything extraterrestrial happened during his “nap” and Arden did what he does best, lie.  He actually saw two people that have been missing for a few episodes and one has been given the responsibility to protect the other.  Dr. Arden isn’t even able to touch his desired subject.

Thanks to Judy, Sister Mary Eunice introduces a jukebox to the common area.  As “I Put A Spell On You” begins to play Dr. Thredson makes his way toward a horrified Kit and Lana.  Turns out Sister Mary in all her wisdom has hired him as a full-time member of staff!  Dr. Thredson assures Kit that their sessions will continue and as he departs a blank faced Judy comes in after having a shock treatment administered by Dr. Arden and an overzealous Sister Mary at the switch.  Lana asks Judy her name and Judy shuffles over to the jukebox and a glorious musical number ensues!  I am not joking friendos!  The whole room brightens and Judy looks radiant in a turquoise shift dress.  All the patients are doing some groovy sixties dancing.  It was all in Judy’s mind but it was groovy while it lasted.

I guess Ryan Murphy couldn't resist having a musical number, and I thank him for it!

I guess Ryan Murphy couldn’t resist having a musical number, and I thank him for it!


Dr. Arden catches Sister Mary in a very compromising position with another man and tells Mary that his experiments are over and he goes to extremes to prove this to her.  The last shred of hope he had for Sister Mary’s virtue to return is gone forever and he is truly a broken man.  Dr. Thredson who has been looking for Dr. Arden stumbles upon a miraculous discovery.  He takes Kit, wrapped up in a strait jacket, to meet an old friend, and a new one.  Two main characters make a grand exit, but I can’t, or should I say I hope, that their story isn’t over.

So what can they possibly throw at us next week?  Will Lana Banana have her baby?  Like in last season when Vivian’s pregnancy went at warp speed.  Will Judy regain mental faculties again and will Pepper play an even bigger role then she already is?  I can’t wait to find out!  Let me know how you liked this episode and thanks for reading!



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