MUSIC BOX Films start up genre label first films announced, Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal and 100 Bloody Acres

We have gotten news that Music Box Film has opened a genre label for all us horror fiends and we have word on the first two films. Check them out below.

According to Variety, Music Box Films has acquired the Cairnes brothers’ 100 Bloody Acres as the first film for its new Doppelganger Releasing label, which focus on genre titles across all distribution platforms including theatrical, DVD and digital outlets. Doppelganger’s initial slate will include Danish comedy-horror movie Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal. Both titles will be released in the spring.

Directed by Boris Rodriguez, Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal stars Thure Lindhardt, Stephen McHattie (Ponypool), Georgia Reilly, and Dylan Scott Smith.

The film follows Lars Olafssen (played by Lindhardt), a once young celebrity in the prestigious art world, who is now slipping away into the land of has-beens. His long-time art dealer, Ronny (McHattie), is now an ungracefully aging hipster who desperately wants his meal ticket back.

But Lars refuses to paint.

His creativity comes at too high a cost; his inspiration is carnage – blood, guts and limbs. Not surprisingly, this led to a dreadful breakdown in the past. Nevertheless, an eager Ronny arranges a teaching job for Lars with his old friend Harry (Goulem) at an art school in Koda Lake, a small Canadian town in the middle of nowhere. It’s a “therapeutic” measure for Lars – a means to conquer his need to paint in the “safety” of a country retreat… and perhaps lead to romance with his fellow teacher, Leslie (Reilly). That is, until Eddie (Smith) comes into his life.

Music Box Films Launches Genre Label - Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal and 100 Bloody Acres First Out of the Gate
Colin and Cameron Cairnes direct 100 Bloody Acres. Damon Herriman (J. Edgar), Angus Sampson (Where the Wild Things Are), Anna McGahan, Oliver Ackland, Jamie Kristian, John Jarratt (Wolf Creek), Chrissie Page, and Paul Blackwell all star.

James is heading to a music festival in the bush with girlfriend Sophie and best mate Wes. He plans to propose to her this weekend, unaware (for the moment) that she and Wes have been screwing on the sly. When their car breaks down, friendly local and co-owner of a struggling blood and bone fertilizer business, Reg Morgan, stops to offer a lift. But Reg is eying off a business opportunity here: He and his partner, big brother Lindsay, have recently discovered a rich new ingredient to their organic blend – human corpses! James, Sophie, and Wes are about to discover that relationships can be bloody hard work, especially when someone’s trying to turn you into liquid fertilizer.

Music Box Films Launches Genre Label - Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal and 100 Bloody Acres First Out of the Gate

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