Update on CARRIE Release Date

Since last night’s rumor about CARRIE release date, a bit more information has been clarified. Read on for more info!

Carrie_2013_posterLast night, I posted a rumor that was circling the internet about an updated and moved released date for CARRIE.  It was rumored that it was moved from the original March 15th date to sometime in the Fall of 2013. Today, multiple sources have reported that the release date has in fact been pushed from March 15th to October 18th. There has been no official reason as to why the movie has been moved 7 months. Reasons could be that they aren’t done with editing, or it could be that the producers feel that they could do better during the Halloween season as opposed to Spring.

The CARRIE teaser trailer was premiered at NYCC this year, and was extremely promising. Since then the people behind CARRIE have introduced numerous interactive features in conjunction with the March 15th release. It is also unsure if they will continue releasing these interactive features or not. We will keep our eyes on this, and keep the updates coming.

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