This is an interesting new show that picks up where CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES left off.  This episode features the sexy pants Gina Gershon!

The first part of the program is mostly a retelling of the celebrity’s encounter with the paranormal.  If you didn’t catch her episode Gina Gershon regales us with the tale of the haunted apartment she lived in while attending NYU.  She roomed with three other girls and took the smallest bedroom away from the rest of the gals because she didn’t know them very well.  Bad idea Gina!  While in her tiny room Gina would experience fitful dreams and awaken with scratches and bruises all over her body and she sees a shadow man lurking in her room.  Needless to say she only stuck around for a few months.  She shot her episode of CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES in 2009 and this year she is still curious to know the story behind her haunting.

To help Gina on her quest for knowledge is psychic medium Kim Russo.  As she is chauffeured to Gina’s old apartment she gives an idea of what it is like to be her.  She says that for every one person someone else sees she sees ten.  I cannot fathom that.  She looks very put together and calm, I would probably look and sound like Gary Busey after a drug binge.  All joking aside it was interesting to hear how she experiences things.  The closer she got to the apartment the more she felt a sinister male presence.  She also reported sensing a woman with a broken neck.

The rest of the episode consisted of Gina and Kim doing walking through the apartment.  Kim senses the man and his mother but she also senses Gina’s uncle and he had a message for her.  Kim tells Gina to continue doing what she’s doing and that she shared a gift with her uncle…the gift of being able to see and sense spirits.  I found it comforting that with all the negative energy in the space that Gina had some spiritual protection.  By the end of the episode we find out what Gina had found out from a friend.  The apartment used to be a brothel and spirits named Mae and Ed were trapped there.  Ed killed several of the prostitutes and his mother Mae.  The story is actually backed up by Census and police records.

As Gina and Kim decide to leave the oppressive atmosphere behind they retire to a café nearby to decompress.  As Gina sips her coffee and Kim has a glass of red wine Kim tells Gina that because of her gift she has the ability to help Mae and Ed make it to the light.  All she has to do is speak to them in her mind.  The only thing we don’t have a confirmation on is if the spirits left.  Maybe that will be the next TV show.  This show was more interesting to me than its predecessor because my favorite word in the world is “Why”, and this answered it satisfactorily.  You can catch episodes of THE HAUNTING OF… on the BIO channel on Saturday nights.  Thanks for reading friendos!

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  1. Tessa
    March 8, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    This is really late to ask but does anyone know the surname of Ed and Mae?

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