Review: SILENT NIGHT (2012)

Santa visits a small, Midwest town to deliver some Christmas slay in Silent Night. Check out my review below!

imagesSilent Night (2012)

Director: Steven C. Miller

Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Jaime King, Donal Logue, Ricke Skene, Ellen Wong, and Andrew Cecon

MPAA Rating: R

Most people don’t think horror movies when the Christmas season hits. Here at Truly Disturbing, it’s horror 365 days a year, including Christmas time.

What’s more awesome than Santa? A murderous, vindictive Santa that kills off the naughty that’s what!

In Silent Night you better watch out, because Santa Clause is coming to get you. As one of the characters says “Christmas is the scariest damn day of the year. If you see Santa tonight…you run.”

The movie takes place in a quaint, midwest town where everyone seems to have skeletons in their closet. As the town prepares for the annual holiday festivities, evil lurks in the shadows in the form of a jolly old man in red, with a more sinister plan than delivering cheer. We follow Aubrey Bradimore (Jaime King), a new recruit on the Sheriff’s (Malcolm McDowell) force. She’s called into to work on Christmas Eve after a fellow officer fails to show up to work and is thus, thrust into a night of trying to find out why the town’s naughty citizens are being murdered left and right.

Piecing together the few clues that she comes across, she realizes that the victims are not random and that they all are somehow linked to her past.  Now as for the murders, there is no shortage of them. Not one half-hour  goes by without some kind of gruesome murder. There are all kinds of kills in this film; death by Christmas lights, death by wood chipper (which was by far my favorite), death by flame thrower, and more! Sounds like a good ol’ Christmas tale indeed right?


The movie is pretty good, minus a few muddled plot lines. It was interesting to see Jaime King (known for her role in Sin City) in this type of film. Malcolm McDowell played a bit of a scrooge when it came to his character, but he plays it well. The movie is loosely based on the 80’s classic, Silent Night, Deadly Night. Although it’s a reboot of sorts, it separates itself well while keeping a nice homage to the original. Overall, if you like horror with a Christmas twist, then you won’t be disappointed!

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