How did Syfy know that I am a tad paranoid about the ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on 12/21/12?!  Read on to see if this did anything to allay my fears…

Our story begins in a quaint cabin in the woods…no not that cabin.  Mom, grandma and a younger brother are waiting to greet dad, played by EUREKA’S hot Ed Quinn, and Jacey our heroine, played by Magda Apanowicz.  The pair have just had a daddy-daughter date climbing up a mountain on Jacey’s eighteenth birthday.  My spidey senses started tingling immediately when I noticed how grandma was behaving.  I knew without question that she would be the first to kick the proverbial bucket.  As the rest of the family goes about their business elsewhere in the house and granny grabs Jacey and tells her to take her ring.  A gold colored ring that looks like it would turn your finger green.  As soon as Jacey slips it on she appears to suffer from severe stomach pains and a weird mark appears on her arm.

Grams tells Jace that all the women on her dad’s side have a gift and that Jace is the key to saving the world.  Then the heavens rumble outside and the whole family goes out.  Grams tries to tell dad how special his daughter is but is rudely interrupted by a giant ice shard from the sky.  She, and the inflatable snowman and Santa, are impaled.  All this happens in the first eight minutes!  Eventually, and perhaps a little obviously, Jace and her dad find out that she is the “chosen” one to stop the end of the world from happening.  Turns out the song Twelve Days of Christmas was written by the Mayans so people in the future would remember their predictions and heed their warnings.

As we follow Jace and dad on their journey to find four other gold rings…FIVE GOLD RINGS!  Sorry couldn’t help myself…we see several more hellarious disasters and meet people that both hinder and hurt their search.  I don’t want to give much away because I really enjoyed this movie.  It is quite fast paced and has a good blend of suspenseful and funny like a good Syfy movie should have!  In fact I think I only rolled my eyes once, which is a record for me!  In case you missed it you can catch it on tonight night at 9pm eastern time.  Let me know how you liked the movie friendos…and watch out for falling ice!

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