In Memoriam: Danny Steinmann, director of FRIDAY THE 13TH Part 5

Various news sites are reporting that Danny Steinmann has passed away. He leaves a horror legacy like few others even though it was short. Read on for the details.

Danny_SteinmannSteinmann’s career was a small one, stretching across a slim four films, however, he has clearly made an impact on the horror community for his last directing effort, Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning.  Yes, this is the one where Jason has a copy-cat killer running around. Not the best F13th but certainly not the worst in my opinion.

Steinmann also helmed the rape-revenge 1984 thriller Savage Streets starring Linda Blair.  Since his contribution to the Friday the 13th, he fell off of the radar only to resurface and become recognized/embraced by the fan community later with the releases of “Crystal Lake Memories” and His Name Was Jason (a book and documentary about the making of the franchise, respectively).

Our thoughts go out to Mr. Steinmann’s family.


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