Horror Short Review: No Clowning Around

Rob Dimension releases his horror short NO CLOWNING AROUND. Take a look into the twisted mind of Mumbles the Clown.

RedNoClowningAroundPostersjpegRob Dimension recently sent me an advanced copy of his new horror short “No Clowning Around.” I met Rob when he was a moderator at several panels at the Monster Mania Horror Convention. (Monster Mania holds several horror conventions on the East Coast, most notably in Cherry Hill, NJ, and Hunt Valley, MD.) We remained in touch since then. So, of course, I was happy to review his new horror short.








NO CLOWNING AROUND is a short about Mumbles (Rob Dimension), a down-on-his luck clown who was once the source of entertainment for his town. The fallen-from-grace Mumbles tries to make ends meet and, in the process, loses the one thing that kept him afloat–his girlfriend, Trixie (Kim Dimension). Trixie, who has her own demons to fight, was once a working girl for ruthless thug Lenny (Steve Corino). As Mumbles tries to make sense of his loss and cope with flashbacks, he spirals deeper into depression with only his puppet, Mr. Peppers, by his side.


The short itself is great. It effectively shows how one can slide deep into depression. There are some dark comedic moments in the opening that many of us can relate to (waking up after a night of boozing, unsure of what happened the night before). However, you realize quickly that its not just a “hangover” moment, but rather Mumble’s way to cope with his depression. A scene between thug Lenny and Mumbles makes you feel sorry for the clown. He becomes the underdog, and you hope for his resurrection to glory. You also sympathize with him when he goes on a rampage and takes revenge on the person who kicked him when he was down. One thing I would have liked to have seen, though, was Mumbles in his heyday. It would have also been nice to have seen him as the revered clown who brought joy to everyone’s life and to have been given more insight into the point of no return for Mumbles. Maybe Rob will show that in a full-length version (hint, hint!). If you enjoy horror, especially independent horror, then you’ll enjoy this. I’m looking forward to what Rob comes up with next!

For more Mumbles and NO CLOWNING AROUND visit Rob’s website: http://noclowningaround.blogspot.com

I’ve included the Redband trailer for NO CLOWNING AROUND. Check it out!!

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