TV Review: American Horror Story

Things come to a horrific head in last night’s American Horror Story. Are you still trying to digest it? Check out my review below.

Last week on American Horror Story, several truths were revealed. With Sister Jude out of the picture, Sister Mary Eunice tries to rule with an iron hand. Sister Jude, who has a close brush with death in the bathroom of a diner, decides to confront Sister Mary Eunice for the death of Mr. Goodman. After trying to rid Briarcliff of Sister Jude permanently through murderous Santa patient, Lee, things went awry (or did they?) and landed Sister Jude as a patient herself. Things go very wrong when Kitt is discovered at Briarcliff and  when Frank tries to apprehend him, Grace is killed protecting Kitt. After Grace is gone, Dr. Arden tries to take her body through the underground tunnels, but experiences the same “alien” experience that Kitt did, bringing Dr. Arden to the realization that Kitt is not Bloody Face. On the other hand, Lana, still in the clutches of Dr. Thredson, gets a small window of opportunity to flee, takes it, and is rescued by an unknown man in a car on the road. Once Lana starts to thank the man for his kindness, she realizes she got into the wrong car, and the man blames women for his misery, and kills himself, causing an accident. When she wakes up, she finds herself in Briarcliff again, this time finding out that Sister Jude is no longer in charge.


This week, the saga of Kitt and Lana continue. This week, the two help each other out. Both Kitt and Lana need Dr. Thredson for their own reasons. They surprise Dr. Thredson and keep him tied up in a supply closet. Sister Mary Eunice talks to Lana, explaining that she realizes that Lana has been through a lot with Dr. Thredson, however, she must remain calm and in Briarcliff since she is pregnant with Dr. Thredson’s child. Repulsed by thinking she is pregnant with a monster’s child, she tries to abort the child, with little success. However, she and Kitt realize they could use the early pregnancy to their advantage, recording Dr. Thredson’s admission of guilt and being the true identity of Bloody Face. Dr. Arden also allies himself with Kitt, promising him help if Kitt helps him. Dr. Arden and Kitt concoct a plan to bring the Aliens back. The monsignor, who is trying to run damage control at Briarcliff, tries to help Lee Emerson (murderous Santa) come clean and find religion, only to find you can’t trust a murdererous psychopath. We were also introduced to a new modern-day character, “John Morgan,” (guest star Dylan McDermott) who seeks counseling and reveals that he is the son of Bloody Face and that he has similar compulsions to his famous father, but knows he will never live up to his father’s famous handiwork due to his lack of surgical skills.


Things to look forward too when the show comes back from a few weeks break on Jan 2nd. Will Dr. Arden live up to his promise to Kitt? Does Pepper have something to do with the Aliens?  Will we see more of Bloody Face Jr, and is Lana his biological mother? What will happen to Sister Jude? And will Sister Mary Eunice’s possession come to light?

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