Truly Disturbing Headline: Laundry Boss Threatened Workers With Acid

This is just disturbing on so many levels.  And what makes it scary is the sentencing.  Read on for the details.

A magistrate has condemned a laundry boss’s “disgusting” workplace bullying, which included threats to dissolve his workers in acid.

Kevin Andrews, 61, was fined $50,000 for bullying his staff at the Mallee Laundry and Linen Services in Mildura in Victoria’s north west, The Age newspaper reports.

While delivering his verdict, magistrate Hugh Radford said the effect Andrews had on his workers was “harrowing and profound” and such behaviour needed to be stamped out.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard that Andrews told one of his female employees she “should have been drowned at birth” and taunted another with names such as “porky”, “wog” and “big fat bush pig”.

He threatened to dissolve his workers in acid if they made mistakes and lock them up with a dog.

Employees, 14 of whom testified against Andrews, also said they were forced to work up to 15 hours straight and were timed during toilet breaks.

Mr Radford said it was clear Andrews’ employees worked hard for him and “in many ways were financially trapped” in their positions.

In one employee’s victim impact statement she said after working for Andrews she “lost my friends, my life, my world and my mind.”

Andrews’ behaviour was not “old school”, Mr Radford said, but “simply disgusting and appalling”.

Andrews was found guilty of failing to provide a safe workplace and fined $50,000 out of a maximum of $53,715.

The business has since been liquidated and Mr Radford said he had only one option in sentencing which was to impose a fine.

Source: Ninemsn 

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