New WORLD WAR Z set photos show a bloody Brad Pitt amid plane crash

World War Z may be the most anticipated zombie film of 2013. The film stars Brad Pitt and is aiming for a huge impact the likes no other zombie movies has attempted. We have some new images from the films set for you fiends. Check the out below.

Star Brad Pitt was spotted in the forests of Berkshire, England filming a plane crash scene for his upcoming zombie apocalypse film, World War Z. The film is loosely based on Max Brooks‘ novel and is being directed by Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace).

We hope World War Z is as epic as it’s novel counterpart…we won’t be holding our breath though.

Re-shoots for World War Z continue for the troubled film,  which had to call in Damon Lindelof (“Prometheus”) to help rewrite the third act. Over the past few days filming has taken place in the English countryside with wreckage from a plane crash strewn about.

In the middle of it Brad Pitt was seen strapped to one of the aircraft’s chairs as his stunt double taught the actor how to unstrap his seat-belt correctly so that he could fall safely to the ground.

Photo Credit: E Online

Photo Credit: Mirror
Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Crash and burn: Brad Pitt is left with a bloody face in plane crash scenes he filmed for World War Z in Berkshire, England a few days ago

Falling down: Brad had a body double stunt man on set to show him how to fall from the plane seat

Disaster area: Brad sported a grey puffa jacket and military style khaki trousers on the set in the middle of the English countryside

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