Chad L. Coleman talks what we can expect from Tyreese in THE WALKING DEAD season 3

Fan-favorite character Tyreese made his tv debut in Sunday night’s mid season finale, but given the nature of this brutal show, how long can we expect to see him stick around for? Good question right? He delves into this and other questions below.

Fans of Robert Kirkman’s excellent comic series will know that Tyreese comes to a rather shocking and nasty end at the hands of The Governor as the “Made To Suffer” arc winds down. But since his tv counterpart has literally just been introduced, and the tv show is taking some big liberties with who is killed off and when, should we expect Tyreese to stick around for a while?

MTV came right out and asked actor Chad L. Coleman that very question..

“I can’t say anything. Slowdown, be easy, you’re going to be incredibly proud. All of these folks have the highest integrity [for storytelling] and character so you’re going to see that played out on the show. Don’t think there’s any agenda, it’s how storytelling unfolds sometimes. You’re going to be so proud of Michonne and Tyreese and Sasha, what’s coming you’re going to be so shocked by. I’ve been lucky to have been involved in shows that are absolutely amazing. I say no worries, fasten your seatbelts.”

So he’s obviously not giving anything away on that front, but, he does reveal exactly how many episodes we can expect to see Tyreese pop up in when The Walking Dead returns from it’s mid-season hiatus early next year. “I think that’s okay to say”, says Coleman. “I’m in five of the last eight [episodes].”

At least he’s sticking around for awhile…for now.

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