TV Review: The Walking Dead (Mid-Season Finale)

Someone pick my jaw up off the floor! The Walking Dead mid-season finale just ended. Read on for my last Walking Dead review for the next 2 months

Holy Zombie Apocalypse! Last night, the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead aired. Last night’s episode was action-packed, heart-pounding, and also saw the introduction of a new fan-favorite character!


Last week, we started off with Andrea still in the “loving” arms of The Governor. When he finds out that Merle brought back Glenn and Maggie, he decides to keep Andrea busy with Woodbury’s doctor to avoid any interference with their questioning. After a bloody interrogation between Glenn and Merle, it was the Governor’s less than moral handling of Maggie that got them to spill the beans on the location of the Rick’s group. (The only question I have is that at one point the Governor stated that Merle claimed it was impossible to clear out the prison–which means they know about the prison, wouldn’t they have heard the emergency sirens a few weeks ago when the prison was overrun????) Back at the prison, Rick and Carl save Michonne from being eaten by a herd of walkers right outside the gate. After being treated by Hershel she tells the group of The Governor and they set out to rescue Maggie and Glenn at all costs. Andrea helps the doctor, who is determined to find some trace of humanity in walkers after they immediately turn. Andrea warns him and luckily she was there because the doctor would have met his untimely death. This week’s episode was definitely one step closer towards the much awaited reunion between Merle and Darryl, as well as the exposure of the Governor’s evil doings to those around him.


This week was the assault on Woodbury by Rick’s group and boy was it a crazy one! Rick, Michonne, Darryl, and Oscar took to the streets of Woodbury in order to save Glenn and Maggie from the Governor. As the street assault started, Michonne broke off from the group and went after the Governor himself and discovered his gruesome zombie-head tanks and zombie daughter Penny in his private room. In a standoff between Michonne and the Governor, Michonne hurts him in the worst way possible. This causes an all-out hand-to-hand battle and the Governor ends up losing his vision in one eye. Meanwhile, at the prison, the first scene we see is a small group of survivors running through the woods, avoiding walkers, and stumbling through a break in the fence in the back of the prison. Carl hears the screams of one of the injured members from the basement and goes to investigate. He brings the small group into the group’s secure area of the prison and offers them help. Amongst the new members is comic favorite Tyreese. While Rick and the rest of the gang are out Carl takes control of the group and starts making decisions. His reasoning behind this is that his dad and the others may not make it back and someone needs to become the new leader and decision maker. Also, separated brothers Merle and Darryl are reunited after the Governor decides to use Merle as an excuse to act out. He claims (without Merle knowing) that Merle was a traitor and allowed Rick and his gang into Woodbury. I smell a mutiny, don’t you? ¬†Either way this episode was amazing, as every episode this season so far.


So, what are your plans for the 2-month hiatus? Don’t forget that New Years Eve and New Years Day AMC will air a Walking Dead marathon, showing every single episode from season 1 through the current season. So don’t fret, zombie lovers! If you don’t have cable, Netflix still has seasons 1 and 2 on Instant Streaming. I will resume my Walking Dead reviews when they return.

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