This week we got to welcome back a familiar face from season one.  Read on to find out who it is…

We start with Grace laying in the infirmary basically bleeding out.  A mysterious woman dressed all in black asks her if she is ready.  Grace nods and then a nurse starts working on her and she comes back from the brink of death.  She tells the nurse that she should have let her go.  Sister Mary Eunice confronts Dr. Arden about Grace’s botched sterilization surgery.  He gets a bit pissed and slaps Mary.  Mary in turn telekinetically throws him across the room.  Never mess with a possessed nun buddy!

Now we meet a young man who is working in the kitchen of the asylum.  He is hearing voices.  He goes to the nun who is working a meat slicer and tells her that it’s not working properly, she moves aside to see if he can fix it.  Maybe the voices were telling him to test the sharpness because he puts both wrists into the slicer and blood is everywhere.  Sister Mary walks in and finds three characters written on the tile wall in blood and asks the man if he summoned “her”.  After being stitched up the man is back in his bed and we see the mysterious lady in black again.  It is Frances Conroy, who played Moira the maid last season.  The man rips his stitches out and the woman who I am calling the Angel of Death unfolds her beautiful raven black wings and kisses him.  Sister Mary walks in and tells the angel that she did what she had to and she needs to leave.

Welcome back Frances Conroy!

The angel says, “You seek me out cousin, the part of you that is still innocent.  The human girl you’ve taken hostage sings to me.”  For a moment the demon loses control and the real Mary begs for help from “the heavenly host”.  Demon Mary gains back control saying that she likes it in here and has lots of work to do.  Angel leaves telling Mary that the will meet again.  I’m sensing an epic battle brewing here!

Now on to Bloody Face/Dr. Thredson.  He is raping Lana.  He has a strange idea of what a mother son relationship is supposed to be.  As Lana looks at the ceiling in horror the angel comes in and asks if she is ready.  Lana nods and I screamed at my TV.  She can’t die yet.  Lana says death would be better but she can’t go yet.  Bloody Face comes back to his dungeon and apologizes to Lana saying he doesn’t want her to feel any more pain.  He could slit her throat or strangle her, then he decides he will give her a shot to knock her out first.  How thoughtful!  As Bloody Face straddles her she grabs the picture of her girlfriend Wendy and smacks him with it.  She cuts him with the glass and manages to wrap her chains around his neck long enough for him to pass out.  She grabs the key from him, releases her shackles and gets the hell out of dodge.  As she makes her way to the road she stands right in the direction of an oncoming car and jumps in.  Just as I thought things were looking up for Lana I see the angel in the back seat and the driver is ranting about how much he hates women and pulls out a gun.  As the car barrels down the road he puts the gun in his mouth and blows his grey matter out.  Lana awakens, bruised and broken, to the familiar face of Sister Mary.

Sister Jude has a flashback to when the band she sang with fired her for being a drunk.  She quickly packs her bags and bottles and rips up a business card of a detective that wants to question her about a hit and run about a week ago.  She relives the crash again and begins drinking and driving.  Like Lana she wakes to find her car has crashed into a nunnery!  Jude is brought out of her flashback by the telephone ringing in the Nazi Hunters hotel room.  Guess who?  Sister Mary!  She has left Jude two presents, a bottle of whiskey and a straight razor.  That’s what I want for Christmas!  Jude goes to a diner and makes her way to the bathroom where she imagines slicing her wrists.  When she comes out she sees the angel waiting for her.  Jude says she is ready to go but she has to take care of something first.  She visit’s the parents of the young girl she killed.  While she is working her way towards confession a young woman enters.  It is Missy and she is alive!  All she suffered from the crash were a few broken bones.

The episode ends with Kit, who somehow escaped from prison, running through the tunnels under Briarcliff to get to Grace.  There is a deformed creature stalking him.  Is it one of the things from the woods or one of Dr. Arden’s experiments on the loose?  Kit finds Grace in the kitchen they hug and the creature attacks.  Kit manages to gut him, and just as the entrails decorate the floor security guard Frank rushes in and shoots at Kit.  Grace throws herself in front of him and is shot in the chest.  The angel kisses her and Grace’s last words were “I’m free.”

What did you think of this episode?  Was I the only one that noticed that the episode ended with a blinding white light?  Are the aliens coming again?  Where the hell is Pepper?  Who knows, but we have one new episode before the show takes a break for the holidays and it features something that always puts me in the holiday spirit, a murderous Santa Claus!  Let me know your theories on the show and thanks for reading friendos!

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