Books: Nothing can prepare you for a CARPENTER’S MOON

What, pray tell, is Carpenter’s Moon? If we told you, you wouldn’t believe us fiends. Read on to find out.

Below you’ll find the artwork and synopsis for Carpenter’s Moon from first-time author T.W.D. Barton and publisher XLIBRIS.

The moon is a lonely witness to the spectacle that will unfold in the stillness of the night. In frenzy, guided by unseen forces, a possessed hand writes a twisted account, a retelling of the weird circumstances surrounding a man’s passing. Ink stains the bone-white parchment, the tale writhes on the pages with a life of its own, twisting and turning like a febrile dream come to life, befitting the madness that crept into the mind Thomas Raines, the King of Sin. This is his epitaph, a written monument of the villainous path of his subhuman existence, a tribute to iniquity, a eulogy for the death of a lost soul.

Take a brief little pit stop in Delirium, USA. In a quaint little town called No Way, at the corner of No Place, at the very edge of an endless night. In this desolate place lies a hidden truth veiled in shadows, etched in the gravestone of Thomas Raines, a mystery that can only be read in the place that lies between light and darkness.

Proceed with care, for in the blackest hours before dawn, the path is lit only by the Carpenter’s Moon…


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