Truly Disturbing Headline: Dog Walker finds 11 dead puppies stuffed in a bag and skinned

THIS is the reason I personally HATE the human race…sorry but it’s true.

A horrified dog walker discovered the bodies of 11 puppies who had been skinned and then dumped in a public park.

The dead animals were found in a bag that had been tossed along the side of the road in a Pennsylvania suburb. The incident is the second time that skinned animals were found in the state.

DNA tests will be done to determine if the puppies are dogs, coyotes or some other domestic or wild animal, while necropsies will be conducted to learn how they died.

A woman walking found the bodies Friday in woods near a park in Lower Macungie Township, outside Allentown, the Lehigh County Humane Society said.

The bodies were in or near a bag that had been torn open, perhaps by an animal.

Unless a witness comes forward, it’s usually difficult to make arrests in animal cruelty cases, authorities said, meaning that both the culprit and the motive will remain at large.

Victims: The dead pups were either coyotes (like the ones pictured here) or some breed of dog but it is difficult to tell post-mortumVictims: The dead pups were either coyotes (like the ones pictured here) or some breed of dog but it is difficult to tell post-mortum

‘It could have been kids or some whacked-out person who found an abandoned litter of puppies or coyotes and just thought they’d have some fun,’ said Cary Moran, the county humane society’s shelter manager.

‘That’s what’s so scary about not being able to (solve) these cases, and find out what happened, because you don’t know who’s out there. Because, unfortunately, animal abuse is a precursor to harming (people).’

The discovery came the same week another animal was found skinned, with its feet cut off and rope tied to one leg, about 20 miles away in Lynn Township.

That involved a larger animal, perhaps one sought for its pelt, according to humane society Officer Christine Wiggins.

Two pairs of thin latex gloves were found beside that animal, and will be sent to a forensics lab.

If it proves to be a coyote, the case may amount to little more than a citation for improper disposal, since it is legal to hunt coyotes in Pennsylvania.

But investigators think legitimate hunters would have disposed of the body properly.

Ms Wiggins believes the two cases might be related, given that the animals were skinned.

The puppies appeared to be a few months old, weighing less than 10 pounds, according to Ms Moran, who added that it’s hard to know their age without knowing the breed.

An animal advocacy group has offered a reward for tips that lead to an arrest and conviction.

 ‘Somebody purposely took time and precision and skinned animals, over and over. It’s really disgustingly gruesome. I can’t imagine what’s going through somebody’s head when this happens,’ said David Lee of the Lehigh Valley Pitbull Awareness Club.

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