Truly Disturbing Headline: Baby ‘Bled To Death’ After Circumcision

Now this is a story that should have all male readers of Truly Disturbing crossing their legs in fear.  Read on for the details.

A four-week-old baby bled to death after he was circumcised at home without an anesthetic using only scissors, forceps and olive oil, a UK court has heard.

Nurse and midwife Grace Adeleye was paid $153 to circumcise Goodluck Caubergs at his family’s home in Manchester in April 2010, Manchester Crown Court heard yesterday.

The 66-year-old has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter by gross negligence.

The court heard that after arriving at Goodluck’s home, Adeleye asked his mother Aylvia Attiko to fetch her some olive oil and warm water.

She then allegedly fished her instruments out of her handbag and dipped the scissors into the water before using them to circumcise the little boy.

“Goodluck had had no anesthetic or local pain relief at this point and that it not how this should be done,” prosecutor QC Adrian Darbishire told the court.

The court heard Adeleye cleaned Goodluck with cotton wool and bandaged him but left around half-an-hour later without checking him properly.

Later Goodluck’s parents found the bandage had fallen off and there was blood in his nappy.

The court heard just a small amount of bleeding can kill a newborn and a post-mortem concluded Goodluck’s death was caused by a loss of blood.

The trial is continuing.

Source: Ninemsn 

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