TV Review: The Walking Dead

No one is safe in a world where Zombies roam and rule the earth. This became apparent during this week’s Walking Dead. Read on for more!


Last week, Andrea and the Governor got a lot closer as Merle and a band of soldiers looked for Michonne to hunt and kill her. However, Merle underestimated her fighting skills, and she took out most of the foot soldiers. As she and Merle try to find some shelter (separately) and bump into Glenn and Maggie who are on another run for formula. After a standoff between Merle and Gleen, Merle transported them to Woodbury leaving Michonne (who was hiding) to fend for herself. At the prison, Rick continued to get phone calls from an unidentified source, which we later find out to be the voices of Amy, Lori, Jim, and past group members who have died. Lori tells him to focus on Carl and their baby girl. She also told him to continue protecting the group. In the end, Michonne makes her way to the prison, covered in walker guts and blood (which she discovers that stops walkers from smelling her, thus protecting her). Rick sees her with forumla and supplies in hand.


This week, we start off with Andrea still in the “loving” arms of The Governor. When he finds out that Merle brought back Glenn and Maggie, he decides to keep Andrea busy with Woodbury’s doctor to avoid any interference with their questioning. After a bloody interrogation between Glenn and Merle, it was the Governor’s less than moral handling of Maggie that got them to spill the beans on the location of the Rick’s group. (The only question I have is that at one point the Governor stated that Merle claimed it was impossible to clear out the prison–which means they know about the prison, wouldn’t they have heard the emergency sirens a few weeks ago when the prison was overrun????) Back at the prison, Rick and Carl save Michonne from being eaten by a herd of walkers right outside the gate. After being treated by Hershel she tells the group of The Governor and they set out to rescue Maggie and Glenn at all costs. Andrea helps the doctor, who is determined to find some trace of humanity in walkers after they immediately turn. Andrea warns him and luckily she was there because the doctor would have met his untimely death. This week’s episode was definitely one step closer towards the much awaited reunion between Merle and Darryl, as well as the exposure of the Governor’s evil doings to those around him.


Next week’s episode looks crazy. Rick’s group prepares to rescue Glenn and Maggie from Woodbury with Michonne in the lead. However, unbeknownst to both Merle and Darryl that the other is on opposite sides of Woodbury’s walls. What will Andrea think or do when she finds out how sinister The Governor really is? And how will the Governor react when his walls that he claims are uncrossable are actually breached. Sadly, next week is the Mid-season Finale (horrible! how will we deal with no new episodes until February???) and looks to be a promising one. Stay tuned and I will have a review for you guys, as always!

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