TV Review – A HAUNTING – “Back from the Grave”

The title of this episode explains how I feel after Thanksgiving.  Read on to see how another family deals with some ghosties!

This episode takes us to North Carolina where we meet Jamie, Aaron and their two kids, one year old Lacy and three year old Mason.  The family loves taking their kiddies to the parks in the neighborhood.  Especially the one that is hooked on to an old cemetery!  What fun!  Shortly after they move in Mason begins acting strangely.  It appears that he is looking at someone that isn’t there.  Soon he is having conversations with someone too.  Jamie asks her son who he is talking to and he says “Gable”.  Could it be Clark Gable?  No such luck.

While Aaron is working the late shift Jamie begins experiencing minor things like cabinet doors opening by themselves and the feeling of being watched.  One night while doing the laundry she looks at the video baby monitor and sees the kids’ room filled with smoke.  She rushes to their room…and wah wah…nothing is wrong.  After receiving a frantic call from Jamie, Aaron comes home to investigate.  He chalks it up to static interference.  Jamie insists that the kids sleep in their room and soon baby Lacy is unable to sleep all night.  Jamie sees terror in the babe’s eyes and she believes Lacy is seeing Gable too.

“Don’t let static stop you Jamie!”

After Jamie hears a child’s laughter everyone begins sleeping in the living room.  Doesn’t that seem like what everyone being haunted does?  Maybe that’s why I sleep in mine!  Aaron, who I give credit for not thinking that Jamie is totally nut balls, finally starts to hear things and is now a true believer.  One night he hears a paranormal investigator on a radio program and relays what the professional said to Jamie.  She must face her fears.  Jamie somewhat politely asks Gable to leave.  It seems to do the trick believe it or not!

Alas, a few weeks later Jamie feels someone pull her leg, no really, pulling on her leg.  The family has had it now, what if it tried to physically harm the kids?  Two female investigators come to sort things out.  As they do the usual tests they notice the floor length mirror in the kids room…it looks like it is getting bigger.  They explain that mirrors are often portals to the other side.  They “close” the mirror by using a simple solution of water and lemon.  Next they use salt and sage to cleanse the entire house.  This culminates with Jamie saying the Lord’s Prayer to get any spirits out of her house.  The investigators believe that the spirits are coming from wait for it…the cemetery!  No shit Sherlocks!  The family still lives in the house and have had no further problemos.

Is it just me or is this show getting a little predictable?  Seems like the same formula every week, family moves in, house gets haunted, experts come in, problem solved!  I’d like to see some more where the family is forced to leave and maybe throw in a nice exorcism or two.  Let me know what you thought of this episode!  Thanks for reading friendos!  You can catch new episodes of A HAUNTING on Destination America Friday nights!

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  3 comments for “TV Review – A HAUNTING – “Back from the Grave”

  1. jamie
    October 27, 2014 at 5:25 PM

    This is my favorite episode. I think the kids are adorable and it is not too scary.

  2. Jennifer clarke
    April 20, 2015 at 9:46 AM

    who plays Jamie in this episode. there’s no listing for her on IMDB and she is just as much part of the cast as the guy who plays Arron is.

    • Mackenzie
      July 24, 2015 at 6:17 PM

      She plays Rebecca Lenox on season 1 the calling her name is Kelley davis

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