RAMBO creator gets his 1979 novel THE TOTEM adapted to the big screen

This may not seem like a big deal but if you have ever read the novel The Totem, you know how epic it is and with the right team, could be an even more epic flick. Check out the news below.

David Morrell whose best known for his work with “First Blood,” the novel in which Rambo was created, has signed a deal with Nashville based Bloody Moon Films for movie rights to the 1979 novel “The Totem.”

The Totem is a horror thriller about a Wyoming ranch town called Potter’s Field, where a virus is unleashed and spreads through bites by infected people. Police chief Nathan Slaughter is thrown into a vortex tunnel of terror trying to unveil why animals become savage, children become insane and the entire town turns into a frenzy of violence.

Ben Dixon and wife Stacey are the founders of Bloody Moon Films.  Ben, a producer and director, and Stacey, a producer and actress, are in their tenth year of operation.   The company’s first film Dark Harvest 3: Skarecrow was distributed by Lions Gate Films in 2006.  Aconite and Shudder followed, and their latest project Old Habits Die Hard starred Kane Hodder.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Mr. Morrell and his team on production of The Totem,” states Ben.  “I also have my father to thank as well. Several years ago my ailing dad handed me a copy of the book, saying it was a true horror novel and I had to read it. Time passed, but last August fate was staring me in the face. The book was sitting on a shelf by itself, and I grabbed it for a road trip and finished it in no time. Three months later I had a 170 page draft in place.”

Production and cast selection on the three million dollar movie project is currently underway, with filming slated to begin this spring.  Ben will serve as the film’s director.

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