Alyssa Bustamante-Inspired Film Opens With Strong Debut, Heads Straight To Theatres‏

This is exciting news.  Alyssa Bustamante inspired film MY NAME IS A BY ANONYMOUS is going strong.  Read on for the details.

The Alyssa Bustamante-inspired movie, My Name is A By Anonymous, debuted in Las Vegas this past October (coincidentally falling on the 3 year anniversary weekend of the actual crime) at the Pollygrind Film Festival where it received the award for Best Arthouse Film and was named one of The Top 3 Films of the Festival, which screened roughly
150 films.

Directed and created by Shane Ryan, the movie was shot shortly after the events which inspired it (15 year old Bustamante was convicted of killing her 9 year old neighbor, Elizabeth Olten). Compared to the likes of David Lynch, Larry Clark, Harmony Korine and John Cassavetes, the film dares the audience to watch it, confronting issues with kids and teenagers often sugar-coated by Hollywood. The movie tackles hard-hitting subjects like self mutilation by teen girls, bullying, rape, bulimia (showcasing the actual damage it does to a girl’s body) and, of course, the murder.

My Name is A By Anonymous features internationally famous Russian pop star Teona Dolnikova (formerly of the band Slot), Demi Baumann (younger sister of Ken Baumann from The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Domiziano Arcangeli (Scary or Die, Virus X), introducing Katie Marsh as Alyssa, and was co-produced by filmmaker Ryan Nicholson (Live Feed, Hanger, Gutterballs, The Profane Exhibit) and actor Kevin Gage (Michael Mann’s Heat, Ridley Scott’s G.I. Jane, Blow, Chaos, May, Knockaround Guys, Con Air). The film was produced by Alisha Rayne and photographed by Arturo Guerrero. Iowa based film company Modern American Cinema picked up the film for U.S. Theatrical rights.

Check out the trailer right here.


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  1. hosa
    December 19, 2012 at 7:32 PM

    i followed her story closely since the begining, i can really see myself makeing a movie about her , for the public to understand what she was really going through. the movie is probably good but i think if i would have helped in making it i would have introduced important material.

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