TV Review: The Walking Dead

Holy Zombie Apocalypse! Can The Walking Dead be any better?? Seems so…EVERY week! Click below to read what happened!!!

OK, seriously, during The Walking Dead panel at New York Comic Con the cast and creator Robert Kirkman promised panelgoers that this season would be the best by far. So far, that promise is being fulfilled. They promised more zombies, more drama, more action, more…everything. Every episode Twitter fans are saying that it would be impossible to top the last episode, but come the next week another kick-ass episode. Its almost unfair that its only 1 hour long and only once a week. That being said, RECAP!


Last week we got a bit more insight into the Governor and how he runs Woodbury. He is keeping his zombie daughter prisoner in his apartment, keeps severed heads in fish tanks, and kills anything that could jeopardize his little paradise. Michonne, untrusting of The Governor, heads out to try her chances outside Woodbury, leaving Andrea within its walls. Merle also becomes determined to find Darryl now that he knows he could possibly be alive and still close. At the prison, a security breach causes the prison to be overrun with zombies, and the group gets separated to try and run for cover. With Lori, T-Dog, and Carol gone (and Hershel incapacitated), the group is very short-handed and takes in Lew and T-Dog 2.0. With the baby hungry, Glen and Maggie head out to find some baby formula, while Rick hides out in the boiler room trying to cope with Lori’s death. At the end of the episode, the phone rings and Rick picks up the phone.


This week, Andrea and the Governor get closer, much closer, as Merle and a band of soldiers look for Michonne to hunt her and kill her. However, Merle underestimates her fighting skills, and she takes out most of the foot soldiers. As she and Merle try to find some shelter (separately) and bump into Glenn and Maggie who are on another run for formula. After a standoff between Merle and Gleen, Merle gets them in the car, and takes them to Woodbury leaving Michonne (who was hiding) to fend for herself. At the prison, Rick keeps getting phone calls from an unidentified source, which we find out to be the voices of Amy, Lori, Jim, and past group members who have perished. Lori tells him to focus on Carl and their baby girl. She also told him to protect the group. In the end, Michonne makes her way to the prison, covered in walker guts and blood (which she discovers that stops walkers from smelling her, thus protecting her). Rick sees her with forumla and supplies in hand.


Questions that we hope will be answered next week: will Maggie and Glenn survive the Governor’s questioning? Will Rick let Michonne into the group? And is the Governor using Andrea? Stay tuned next week!

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