TV Review: American Horror Story

Bloody-Faced Killers, Nazi’s and Monsters, oh MY! This week on American Horror Story was truly…disturbing…get it?! Click for more!


OK, so I waited a few days to write/post this review because this past week had so many storylines that changed, its impossible not to spoil!  So be warned that if you have NOT seen this past Wednesday’s episode, you may want to skip this recap, because its full of spoilers.


Well last week’s episode was a build-up to this week’s epically disturbing episode. Last week, Dr. Thredson started working new angles to get Lana out of Briarcliff, and to help Kitt get exonerated for being Bloody Face before his temporary position was over. A new patient was admitted, claiming to be the surviving Anne Frank, but after her husband came to get her, told the tale of a woman who became mentally unhinged during pregnancy. Anne (or Charlotte, which is her real name) claimed she survived the death camps, and came to the US and got married. When she saw Dr. Arden in the salon, she started screaming and accusing him of being a Nazi Doctor at Auschwitz. When Sister Jude goes to the Monsignor to discuss the accusations made by Anne, the monsignor dismisses her complaint and tells her to mind her own business: the Asylum and not worry herself with what the patients say. Shelley, who used herself as a distraction when Grace, Lana, and Kitt tried to escape ended up on Dr. Arden’s operating table, and in the end we see her lying on the table with half her legs amputated and the Doctor shoving needles into her temples.


This week, both Lana and Kitt decide to take up the offers Dr. Thredson made them last week. Lana goes through some extensive and radical attempts to reverse her homosexuality, and Kitt confesses on tape to murdering his wife Alma and the other Bloody Face Victims. After an episode of fornication between Grace and Kitt, they are sentenced to get sterilized. However, Sister Mary Eunice comes and saves Kitt, and as Grace awaits her surgery the next day in isolation, she has a hallucination of her under the knife and a dream sequence similar to Kitt’s alien experience in the first episode, including a vision of Alma. Dr. Thredson helps Lana escape and takes her to his apartment (which would be the last place authorities look according to him) and Lana discovers that Dr. Thredson is NOT who everyone thinks he is. After seeing a few items in his house, and stumbling upon a small lab, she discovers that Dr. Thredson was the Bloody Face Killer and he killed her lover/girlfriend. Due to Kitt’s confession on tape, he was arrested for killing his wife Alma and the other women. It was Dr. Thredson’s plan all along to lead the police down another way so he could continue his activities. Anne, who was retrieved by her husband and who’s real name was Charlotte was released, then admitted again after she tried to kill her baby. Dr. Arden gets permission to perform a frontal lobotomy, which also secures him from being outed as a Nazi Doctor. After Anne’s discovery last week, Sister Mary Eunice, who’s actually possessed by a demon, gets rid of Shelley’s newly deformed body, which is discovered this week by a group of school children climbing up the staircase on the side of a school building, using her stumps and arms, incoherently mumbling for help and looking like a monster.


What does this mean for the storylines? What else could they think of next after this mind-bending, horrific tale? Let me know your thoughts!

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