TV Review: The Walking Dead

Another killer episode of The Walking Dead aired tonight. If you have a brain in your head, you’ll click to read more!

Last week was a pretty brutal episode of The Walking Dead (heck, the entire season so far has been brutal!). Last week, after one of the prisoners sabotaged the security of the prison, the entire group was threatened by zombies, leaving the group scattered and unprepared. Due to being unprepared, we saw the demise of T-Dog (RIP) and Lori went into labor. While separated from the group Lori, Maggie and Carl had to deal with the birth. Unfortunately, Hershel only trained Carol in doing a C-section, and Maggie was left to just cut through her old C-section scar, thus sacrificing her life for her baby. After the birth of the baby girl (so far nameless), Carl was forced to shoot his own mother in the head to prevent her from becoming a walker. Upon learning about the vicious death of his wife, Rick goes into a panic state, grabs and axe and runs inside the prison. Hershel informs the group that without baby formula, Lori’s baby will die. Meanwhile, in Woodbury, we may have seen the blossoming of something between the Governor and Andrea, but we weren’t sure. Michonne, however, still remains extremely skeptical, and very untrusting of the Governor. Merle, learning his brother could possibly still be alive, expresses his want to take a look at Hershel’s farm for evidence of Darryl’s survival.


This week’s episode started with a BANG! A quick line in a conversation last week between the Governor and Andrea may have gone unnoticed last week, but this week, that seemingly mistaken line was proven to be correct and shocked audiences. Obviously, the Governor is all kinds of crazy and is holding on the to possibility (like Hershel) that a cure will come about. The Governor then announces a party for that night, and while everyone is in the square celebrating safety, Michonne breaks into the Governor’s apartment to take her sword back, as she’s distracted by a sound, she’s almost caught by the Governor. She narrowly escapes, taking a back way and making a grisly discovery. Andrea decides to stay in Woodbury while Michonne ¬†wants to try her luck beyond the walls of Woodbury–and the Governor. Back at the prison, we see the group try ing to cope with the loses and securing the prison once again. Rick is off the deep end when it comes to the death of Lori. The group tries to keep the baby alive by having Darryl and Maggie go on a run looking for baby formula and baby supplies. The group scrambles to pick up the pieces of organization as their fearless leader’s mental state is in shambles. Darryl steps into Rick’s shoes and start taking care of the group and their safety. Lew and T-Dog 2.0 have joined the ranks despite the other’s hesitation. In the end, they need the extra hands and added security.


As usual, keep your eyes out for my review next week!

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