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Last week on American Horror Story, a storm was on its way to Briarcliff’s area and the entire asylum is hunkered in for a movie night. Dr. Arden, who is someone who is quickly looking to be much more sinister and evil that originally portrayed, realizes that everyone has a past, and it will catch up to them, no matter how far they run from it. During the storm Kit, Lana, and Grace find an opportunity to try and escape Briarcliff, and take their chances. They run into Shelley, who decides to tag along, but when Dr. Arden gets int the way, she uses her promiscuity to help the other three get away unscathed. After they came into contact with the “creatures” in the woods, they high-tailed it back into the asylum. Sister Jude’s mental state continues to unravel as she loses her battle with her vow to stay off alcohol. The night of the storm proved to be one huge drunken stupor for Sister Jude. After a failed attempt to seduce Dr. Arden, Shelley was forced into his lab, and we were left in a cliffhanger, wondering what would happen to her. Dr. Thredson starts to believe that Kit is not actually Bloody Face after he visits Lana’s house and finds her girlfriend missing. Dr. Thredson is determined to help Lana escape the clutches of Briarcliff, and maybe even help exonerate Kit.


This week furthered the unraveling of mental states. The focus this week was on two things: Dr. Arden, and Dr. Thredson. A new patient threatens Dr. Arden’s reputation, calling him a Nazi. We see flashbacks to Nazi Germany as the patient recounts her memories to Sister Jude. Normally, Sister Jude would have dismissed the allegations as crazy talk, but a conversation with some local detectives after a prostitute who got away from Dr. Arden’s home after he tried to rape her gave her an idea that this new patient may be telling some truth. Dr. Thredson, a “modern” psychiatrist (remember this takes place in the 1960s) realizes that the only way he can help Lana, whom he doesn’t believe belongs in Briarcliff, is to treat her himself and convince Sister Jude she’s cured. He also wants to help Kit be released from Briarcliff, and tries to convince Kit of an alternate account of his crime. After all this, Sister Jude tries to reason with the Monsignor about Dr. Arden’s past, and its revealed that maybe the Monsignor is privy to Dr. Arden’s dark past. We also got a look into what Dr. Arden does during those long hours in his surgical room. Its starting to become clear that maybe the staff of Briarcliff belong within the padded walls more than the actual patients.


Stay tuned for next week’s review of American Horror Story, if you can survive your week in the Asylum.

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  1 comment for “TV Review: American Horror Story

  1. Delaney
    November 8, 2012 at 7:20 PM

    If Dr. Arden really is a Nazi doctor then it might explain why he just oozes evil out of his pores. It’s not really hard to see that this might be true but why is the Monsignor in on whatever it is that Arden is doing? I’ve got my Hopper from DISH recording the show each week. It’s got 2,000 hours of recording time available so I don’t have to rush and watch what I’ve recorded. The other doctor, Thredson, is being put in a light where he is just trying to help everyone but I’m not sure if I buy it. I have a lot of conflicting emotions about this character. My DISH co-worker thinks that Dr. Thredson may have an underlying reason for trying to convince Kit that he killed his wife and wasn’t abducted by aliens. I suppose it’s possible but maybe he is just a nice guy stuck in a horrible place. Could it be that he’s really Bloody Face?

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