Truly Disturbing Headline: UK Serial Killer Defends ‘Pedophile’ Savile

This is just disturbing.  One of the UK’s most notorious serial killers has come to the defense of his friend who was accused of abusing more than 300 young people.  Read on for the disturbing details.

Accused pedophile Jimmy Savile has been defended by one of the UK’s most notorious serial killers who has also spoken of their friendship.

Peter Sutcliffe, dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper, met Savile in the 1970s when the former BBC entertainer volunteered at the high-security psychiatric hospital where Sutcliffe was being held.

Savile, who died last year aged 84, has been accused of abusing more than 300 young people, mostly women and including one teenage girl who was a patient at Broadmoor Hospital.

Now tapes have emerged in which Sutcliffe allegedly insists Savile is innocent.

“It’s a load of rubbish. People are just getting carried away,” a man is heard saying on the tape, leaked to The Sun.

“He visited a lot. He’d always come and chat with me on visits and I would introduce him to my visitors.

“Several times he left £500 ($766) for charities I was supporting. He wrote cheques out on the spot, a very generous man he was,” he said.

Savile was also questioned by police during the investigation into the Yorkshire Ripper murders because of the close ties between the pair, the Daily Mail claims.

Sutcliffe was recorded talking to a friend who leaked the tape and asked to remain anonymous.

Sutcliffe is serving 20 life sentences after being convicted of murdering and mutilating 13 women in 1981.

Source: Ninemsn, The Sun

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