George A. Romero DENIED a star on the Hollywood walk of fame

George A. Romero is a man that has affected horror cinema(zombie films mostly) for decades to come and has inspired millions of fans, film makers, and zombie addicts to love and cherish him. Sadly an effort was made to get him a much deserved star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame that has now been denied! Read on for the details.

The Zombie Research Society says any hopes of this happening are dead – the Indie GoGo site collecting funds has folded.  Says the site: Our campaign to raise the $30,000 needed to pay for the Star has been protested by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.  And because the Chamber is the entity that pockets the money and decides who gets the Stars it does no good to continue in the face of their hostility. Therefore the George Romero Star Project has been shut down.

This is sad but we sort of saw this coming. I suggest a new effort be made to have Romero immortalized with a statue of himself and a few zombies in Pittsburgh.

What say you?

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