TV Review: The Walking Dead

Holy Zombies! If you guys aren’t watching The Walking Dead yet, you NEED to start! Read on for more!


Last week we got a glimpse into the inner workings of Woodbury and its  proprietor, The Governor. To recap, we saw that The Governor has created a completely self-sufficient town, with “walls and fences” that keep the zombies at bay. Andrea and Michonne, who were taken in by The Governor and his team of “soldiers,” (including long lost MERLE!) are partially in shock about seeing other human survivors and part nervous about trusting said human survivors. Upon arrival, their weapons were taken, and they were held in a room until they were cleared by Woodbury’s doctor. We see Michonne’s total hesitation to trust anyone but Andrea. The Governor showed extreme interest in Michonne’s use of her pet zombies as a way to survive, with her cutting of their arms and their jaws. According to Woodbury’s doctor, they became docile and not wanting to eat others when their only tools to do so are taken away from them. The Governor is proving to be a great character with his own demons deep down inside, while keeping his cool and in control on the surface. We know that he’s highly untrustworthy, with claiming one thing, and acting differently when alone or with confidants (if he really does have any). Maybe Michonne can see behind behind The Governor’s mask? Behind closed doors, The Governor is all kinds of kooky, with an entire wall of severed heads in fishtanks. What they are for, we don’t know yet. Will we find out? I hope so! Unfortunately, last week’s episode didn’t give us any insight into what was happening in the Prison with Rick, Lori, Carl and the rest of the gang, but this week made up for that. Now, onto this week…

This week, “Fear the Living” is truly something that everyone in the future zombie apocalypse should heed. Rick and the group realize that they should watch their backs, both with zombies and the living. After a breach in security, zombies started overrunning the prison and prison yard. Within the panic, the group got separated (including the now better Hershel on crutches) and Lori went into labor. We also see the demise of group members (I won’t say who until next week) and (obviously) the birth of either Shane Jr or Rick Jr. We see the complete devastation of the group, and they realize that even though they got comfortable in the prison, it doesn’t make them immune to the world around them. We also saw a bit into Woodbury this week. We saw that the Governor may have a soft-spot for Andrea, and the feeling may be mutual. Or is there a motive behind his kindness? We don’t know. However, Merle is determined to find Darryl and wants to check out the farmhouse to see if he can find his brother. Michonne is very skeptical about the ongoings at Woodbury and doesn’t trust the Governor one bit, and wants to leave. This week was such a high-energy, nerve-wracking, white-knuckled episode that its hard to tell what they could do to top this season so far! And we are only into the 4th episode of 16!

If you were on the fence about watching a Zombie show, then this is definitely the show to stat watching. Its not just a show about zombies, but its a show about humanity, survival, and loyalty. Stay tuned for next week’s episode, and my subsequent review…if you survive the zombie apocalypse!

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  2 comments for “TV Review: The Walking Dead

  1. Hunter
    November 6, 2012 at 1:39 AM

    Thanks for posting about the last couple episodes of the Walking Dead, Ashley! I have my DISH Hopper DVR set to record all of the new episodes of the Walking Dead, because I work late nights in a DISH call center, and I don’t get home in time to watch it. I just got caught up, and I am shocked by this week’s episode. I won’t spoil anything for anyone, but it was a hard episode to watch.

    • AshleyD
      November 6, 2012 at 5:04 AM

      Hunter! Thanks for your comment. Definitely was a hard one to watch. Next week I’ll put the spoilers to recap for next week’s episode. Glad you got your AMC back too!!! I know it was a tough, long road for DISH subscribers. But in the end, everyone got what they wanted (hopefully!) I try not to put massive spoilers on my reviews and give it a week to put the spoilers in. This season also definitely makes up for the slight stagnation of last season, and I can only hope the show will only continue to go uphill!

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