TV Review: Dexter

Another week on Dexter’s table. To find out who dies, and who lives, click below…

Last week on Dexter was faced with Sirko, and needed to take him out. However, Sikro proved to be a worthy adversary for Dexter, and didn’t fall into Dexter’s attempt at a mass-murder at the hands of a rival gang. The only stroke of luck Dexter had in that situation is that Sirko’s blood was found amongst the slaughtered Mexican gang and proved that Sirko was the killer, and is sent to jail until trail. LaGuerta’s mission to clear Sgt. Doakes’ name as the Bay Harbor Butcher is also starting to come to a head. Deb has placed herself in LaGuerta’s investigation to try and keep Dexter off her radar. This is obviously taking a toll on Deb’s resilience to keep out of Dexter’s extracurricular activities. Dexter also finds out that Sirko killed Louis, which Dexter was honestly happy about because that means that the Louis situation one less thing to worry about. Last week left us wondering what will happen next with Sirko and if Dexter is getting dangerously close to being discovered by Miami Metro Homicide now that Deb knows.

This week,  Dexter gets concrete evidence that Hannah is not what she seems, thanks in part due to a very aggressive author who is writing a book about Hannah’s serial killer ex. Hannah was put on Dexter’s table, but a connection he never thought was possible after Lumen surfaced, and Dexter cut his first victim FROM his table. Quinn is also put between a rock and a hard place because he is threatened with harm to his new girlfriend, Nadia, if he did not accept bribe money from the Russian Mob. An underlying theme from last night’s episode was to not work so hard, and have a life. Sgt. Batista considers other career options, and Deb accepts a date proposal from an unlikely source. Could this be the beginning of the end of the show? It is rumored this is the last season…but it has not been confirmed, yet. Either way, this season seems to be the start of a wrap-up. To find out more, stay tuned for my review of next week’s episode.

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