Get all your custom HORROR shirts from the CHOPPING MALL

Those fine fiends behind Fright Rags t-shirts have a special gift for all you “custom horror” shirt fanatics out there. It’s called the Chopping Mall and we have all the info for you about the site below. Check it out!

Chopping Mall has been in the works for over a year and Ben (owner of Fright Rags) took to his Facebook to announce the new store.

As you may recall, we used to sell custom one-off “vintage” horror shirts on Fright-Rags. Around last August, we had supply issues that forced us to stop selling those products until we came up with a better solution. Over the past 13 months, we’ve been hard at work transitioning all 130+ products over to a brand new website, and integrating it with a new fulfillment company that will now handle all order processing, printing, and fulfillment of these orders. As with most projects, it took twice as long and cost twice as much, but we persevered until it was done.

Don’t worry, nothing is changing with Fright-Rags. We will still be working hard to put out the best, kick-as shirts we can. Chopping Mall is a completely separate site, with different shirts, and focused on creating custom, made to

order shirts on a variety of colors. Even though a separate company will be handling these orders, we will oversee all aspects of the production so those customers will be treated the same as our Fright-Rags customers.

Those of you familiar with our vintage shirts will notice the omission of some styles and types (girls, long sleeves, distressed). This launch is just Phase 1 of the site. We will begin work on Phase 2 early next year where we hope to start adding back in different styles and also add new products. This is just the beginning…

For now, click through and take a look at over 130 designs we have available, and have fun mixing up the colors of the shirts to see what kind of custom tee you can make for yourself. Oh yeah, and they are now printed on the same soft, ringspun cotton shirts as our Fright-Rags tees 🙂

Thank you again for your patience and go shop ’til you drop at CHOPPING MALL!”

The site is up and ready for you fine fiends to dive right in. The Chopping Mall’s mission statement is as follows: Chopping Mall is a new dimension in customized horror apparel – allowing fans to create their own unique combination of designs and colors. We custom print each and every t-shirt according to your order, ensuring you get a truly one-of-a-kind item tailored to you. At Chopping Mall, we focus on the bloody best of horror art for all your favorite creature features, cult classics, and slasher flicks!
You can now visit the Chopping Mall here.

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