Truly Disturbing visits HAUNTED CALGARY in CANADA

The first report from Truly Disturbing’s new Canadian correspondent, Faith. She visits Haunted Calgary which is a local haunt that has been around for 25 years. Read on for a overview of the event plus interview.

In the midst of the zombie popularity, as well as our impending doom come this December, Haunted Calgary’s theme this year surrounds an infectious bio toxin that has spread through the world, making Calgary the only place for a cure. The dead now roam the city streets, and those still surviving need to make their way through houses, a train station, downtown, and even through a Husky gas station to reach a vet clinic for the antidote.

By sheer coincidence I stumbled upon this haunted house online, and was fortunate enough to meet with Myrna & Christine Campbell- along with their family of fellow zombies- before the run dates and had a sneak peak of what was to come. While the actors had their makeup applied, while Christine smushed Oreo cookies onto her mom’s face for effect, and on the tour of the haunt I was able to talk to them about their expected 7,000 guests, their charities, and haunted stories of their own!

For the last 6 years they have been accepting cash & food donations to go towards their selected charities- the Interfaith Food Bank and Oops-a-Dazy Rescue & Sanctuary Society.

 Faith: Did you make up the whole zombie story yourself?

Myrna: “Christine is the writer of our apocalypse!

F: Is the story different every year?

Christine: “Yes, last year was Twisted Fairy Tales, and we already have plans for next year. We have a lot of plans for next year, it’s going to be a carnival.”  

M: “Carnivals and clowns next year. Even though Christine is afraid of clowns!”

C: “But I’m masochistic, so I was like, Yeah! let’s do clowns…”

F: So why zombies this year?

C: “Zombies are just so popular right now, and you know the world is supposed to end this year! Well, that’s what some people say, they keep changing their minds about it! But we figured that this year has to be the year we do the zombies and the apocalypse.

F: So why did you choose the charities that you did?

M: “Well the food bank came to mind when we first started, and our whole family is very involved with Oops-a-Dazy, so we do both.”

F: So what gave you the idea of doing the haunted house? 

M: “Well, it started when I was looking for something to entertain the neighborhood kids. So I got 6 or 8 of them over, we stuffed garbage bags with newspaper and they drew faces on them so we could hang them in the tree. They made tombstones out of cereal boxes!”

C: “She is actually rather scared of haunted houses, and would rather not do anything scary!”

M: “Christine… is on the psycho side”

(The setup in the garage contains their large animatronic called the Necromancer)

C: “So this is the necromancer (See photo below). He’s my boyfriend. He’s our big animatronic, he does light up and he raises all the way to the roof. All the demons that are hanging off of him move, and he speaks latin.” 

F: Where did you find that?

C: “He’s a special order from a company called Scare Factory, they supply Universal Studios with some of their stuff. He was the first of his kind in Canada.” 

F: So are you a big fan of horror movies and the horror genre?

C: “Yes, I never get to see enough of them though! It’s actually kind of ridiculous, my knowledge of classic horror movies and such. I’ve never seen The Shining, and other classics like that, I am always busy planning this!”

F: Do you have a favorite?

C: “Anatomy! It’s totally B-List, it’s a german horror movie, it’s dubbed into english. My friends and I rented it when we were teenagers, we had my friends house for a couple weeks. We watched it alone in the basement, and at first it was so cheesy, but by the end we were terrified! And then we went upstairs in her house, and her mom is Norwegian, and she had these troll dolls in the kitchen, and their eyes would follow you! So these things were watching us, and then her dogs decide to freak out for no reason.. One had her hair standing on end! There was something out there. And then the phone went dead…”

F: What! Have you watched the movie since then?

C: “Yeah, but I didn’t like it as much. But I find that with most horror movies, you get your best scare the first time.”


Sneak a peek & finished product photos are for the full set, check out their website


Photo Credits: Topher Wadey

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