Kurt Russell set to star in new Horror-Western BONE TOMAHAWK

It’s good to see Kurt still kicking in our beloved genre and now he will be doing it with his cowboy boots on in Bone Tomahawk. Read on for the details.

Variety is reporting that Russell will star in Bone Tomahawk, a horror-western genre mash-up which finds the eternal man’s man strapping on some guns to play a sheriff who must rescue a group of captives (including “Dexter” star Jennifer Carpenter) from a band of crazed cannibal troglodytes. Everybody on board? Super!

Russell and Carpenter will be joined by Richard Jenkins (as a world-weary elder) and Peter Sarsgaard (a cowboy) on his mercy mission.

This flick is slated to shoot this spring and is to be directed by screenwriter S. Craig Zahler (The Brigands of Rattleborge). This marks Zahler’s directorial debut and could very well be one of the most badass offerings 2013 has to offer.

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