TV Review: American Horror Story

This week on AHS we see how quickly even the seemingly strongest can unravel when the devil is at play…Read on for more!

Purity and godliness has no place in Briarcliff Manor this week on American Horror Story. Past demons come back to haunt Sister Jude this week, and it is not pretty. As the manor prepares for a large storm (this was filmed before Sandy) Sister Jude’s mental state unravels very quickly and we see a bit more into her past. We also see how devil, who is embodied in Sister Mary Eunice, starts to have an effect on everyone’s mental state. A small group of relatively sane people try to escape the clutches of the Asylum. Dr. Arden also seems to be a lot more sinister than previously thought. Dr. Thredson gets the idea that its possible that Kit is not the notorious Bloody Face killer after paying a visit to Lana’s house to deliver a message to her girlfriend. We also got a brief glimpse at what the “creatures” that Dr. Arden keeps having Sister Mary Eunice feed in the woods.


Stay tuned for next week’s review of American Horror Story! If you can survive the asylum.

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