TV Review: Dexter

Dexter comes back for another episode of slicing and dicing. Read on for more…

First of all, I’d like to apologize for posting my reviews of Dexter today and not Sunday/Monday. I live here in NYC and its been pretty rough here since Sandy hit. I needed to preserve my power as much as possible in case my power went out. Luckily, all is well in my house, and now I’m catching up. Now, on to Dexter.


This past Sunday, Dexter showed us the next episode of the struggle after Dexter confessed to his sister Deb. This week, we saw the development of Deb’s understanding of Dexter’s “dark passenger.” Last week, Dexter killed Speltzer after he fell through the cracks of justice. Deb’s resolution to Dexter’s “dark passenger” has pretty much become “don’t ask, don’t tell.” However, Dexter’s need to be truthful to Deb keeps her in the loop of his “extracurricular activities” keeps her distant. We also saw that Hannah may not be what she says. Dexter and Sirko have actually met and Dexter knows that Sirko is after him for murdering his henchman. We also realize that Sirko may be a great adversary to Dexter after Dexter tries to lure him into rival gang territory only to find the rival gang blown to bits by Sirko. As a precaution, Dexter has already sent Harrison to visit his grandparents, and decides to room again with Deb in a hotel. We also see that LaGuerta is adamant about clearing Sgt. Doake’s name. We also see that again, Deb has to cover Dexter’s ass. The one thing we don’t know is how far Sirko will go to get Dexter. I guess we have to stay tuned for the resolution.


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