More PARANORMAL ACTIVITY going on at the Degloshi house, final video shown.

Well, Jacob Degloshi is having his hands full as of late and tonight things have jumped up a notch. Read below for some even creepier updates about the Degloshi’s and a few videos. Dig it.

Today Jacob went to his twitter today and gave us an update on all that has been happening with his daughter Sarah. You can click here to get caught up with the last few days.

Here is what Jacob had to say today:

“The mark.”

“I looked up the marks in Sarah’s closet and found this link. Ancient Symbols. Magical Triangle?”

“I need to watch the final bits of the tape. Going to check on Sarah and then I will live stream watching it.”

“I am scared of what I am going to see at the end of this tape, so I am broadcasting this live.”



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