Truly Disturbing infects the SILENT HILL: REVELATION red carpet.

Happy Halloween Horror fiends! Yes we know we’re 2 days early, but give us a break this is our favorite holiday. We got a chance to visit the “SILENT HILL: REVELATION” red carpet event and were able to talk with one of the stars Kit Harington who plays Vincent as well as snag a few pictures of the event. 

For the most part, the event was a rushed affair which added to the excitement flowing through the Silent Hill event. Among the attendees was Actor Kit Harington who we had a brief talk with regarding his involvement. He expressed how he was familiar with adaptations being a part of his other project “GAME OF THRONES“. Kit told us how much he has enjoyed being a part of this film and he hopes it pleases everyone especially the fans of the franchise.

Among the other attendees was Director Michael J. Bassett who stopped by and expressed his excitement for this film. He explained that he himself was a gamer and was no stranger to the Silent Hill franchise. He approached Samuel Hadida, who also was in attendance, at a Comic Con and expressed to him how much he would love to adapt a Silent Hill sequel. Well one thing led to another and voila! We now have the film we have here today.

Producer Samuel Hadida discussed how he was excited to work with Michael since he had worked with him on “SOLOMON KANE“, and Michael being familiar with the source material.

Both Samuel and Michael stated that the decision to feature the sequel with the 3D format was a must. They wanted to give the audience the feeling that they were right there in the room witnessing the events first hand. We got to see actress Adelaide Clemens, but as quickly as we saw her she was gone.


Overall like previously mentioned the event was rushed, but we are thankful to Mr. Kit Harington for stopping to talk with us even if it was only for a blink.

Thank you to Archlight who took on the hosting duties and for more information on “SILENT HILL: REVELATION 3D” visit their official website HERE.

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