More strange PARANORMAL ACTIVITY going on at the Degloshi house

Poor Jacob Degloshi, he has been having sleepless nights ever since receiving a VHS tape his daughter Sarah brought home. We have a few videos documenting what has been happening and they are quite disturbing(right up our alley). Check them out below.

Jacob’s Twitter  and Facebook have been his only source of solace while his daughter Sarah goes through what can only be called…a phase.

First it was just weird noises and doors opening. Then the VHS tape showed up and revealed old home movies from someone Sarah says she doesn’t know and she thought the tape was blank or had something else on it. Whatever the case Jacob is becoming more and more scared and Sarah seems oblivious even to the point of not remembering certain things she does or did.

Here are the videos we promised. They are a bit disturbing but hey, that’s our specialty.

This is so scary. Anyone have a sleep specialist? Sarah doesn’t remember any of the this.”

This is from the VHS tape that Sarah brought home to her father.

“Am I insane for thinking that this isn’t right? What is happening? THIS ISN’T RIGHT. WAITING FOR A SPECIALIST TO CALL ME BACK.”

“Sarah’s sleepwalking scared the shit out of me.”

“Finally got to sleep, then VCR caught on fire. Thought about tossing it but I think I can still rescue the rest of the tape.”

“Came home to the front door wide open. Checked the security cameras but 10 minutes are gone. The cops can’t explain it. What’s the best security company?”

“What do you do when your daughter tells you ‘it’s almost over’? Is that good or bad?”

“Something is happening in Sarah’s room. She’s in a daze all the time. I’m scared.”

“Sarah killed Tobi in her sleep. She killed her bird. I’m sending her to a therapist. This is not ok.”

That is the latest news for our friend Jacob. Seems to us he has an unwanted house guest.

We will have more as soon as we hear from Jacob.


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