TV Review: American Horror Story

A Blood-Faced serial killer, naughty nuns, and an armless Adam Levine…Why haven’t you started watching American Horror Story yet??? Take a look at my review, and you will want to start!!

Last week, we saw the season premier of American Horror Story, which brought us the story of a haunted murder house and its living and dead residents. Last season broke the mold on “horror shows” and so far, this season makes Season 1 look like child’s play. This season, we are taken to a new “story” which takes place at Briarcliff Asylum, which is an asylum for the criminally insane. The story jumps between modern day (where a newlywed couple breaks into the abandoned asylum for some fun), and the 1960s when the Asylum was in its “heyday.” The 1960s Asylum was governed by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), who is known for her sharp tongue, corporal punishment, and naughty past and thoughts. She runs a tight ship, but little does she know the horrors that actually go on in her ward. The medical doctor, Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) is more of a deviant than the Asylum’s inhabitants. The patients of Briarcliff are just as spooky as the authorities. We  are introduced to Kit (Evan Peters), Grace (Lizzie Brochere), and Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson). Each of these patients have their demons, shady pasts, and reasons for their detention. Lana is a journalist who wanted to know more about Briarcliff, and she was forced into detention for breaking into the Asylum and was (on paper) kept their to cure her of her “homosexual nature.”


This week we got a bit more insight into the inner workings of Briarcliff. We know that Dr. Arden has some type of creatures he makes one of the innocent nuns feed in the woods behind the Asylum. We also know that Sister Jude has a promiscuous past, and that Kit is not actually the Serial Killer Bloody Face. We also found out Dr. Arden has a very perverse nature, and we also see probably one of the most sickening, disturbing, and insane exorcist since The Exorcist. The scene makes your jaw drop. This season is way better than the first season. We see more disturbing, horrific scenes than the “childs play” of the first season. We also got some great new lines (“Show me your mossy bank”) that will forever be branded into our brains. If there was a time to start watching the show, now would be it. If you are into real horror (well, as far as cable TV can allow it) with a psychological twist to it, this is your show.


American Horror Story airs every Wednesday night on FX.

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