More PARANORMAL ACTIVITY happening to the Degloshi Family, new VHS clip revealed

Jacob and his daughter Sarah are facing some serious bad juju in their Arizona home. First it was weird noises, then Sarah gets sick from something unexplained and now we come across even more VHS footage that Jacob has discovered via an old tape that Sarah had. All these things can not be good. Read on for more.


Jacob and Sarah Degolshi need your help fiends. Today via his Twitter account Jacob told of some startling new developments in his paranormal encounters, as well as some news on Sarah’s health and a new clip from that old VHS tape he found.

“Buying a bunch of wireless cameras and setting them up around the house. I think I can stream them to my facebook“…

“Sarah is still not feeling well again today. I’m going to take her to the doctor. At doctor’s with Sarah, Longest wait in history. Doc says she’s a normal teenage and just needs more sleep. Thinks I’m crazy.”

Here’s the new clip from the mysterious VHS tape Jacob found.

What’s going on? You can follow Jacob on his twitter page here.

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