More PARANORMAL ACTIVITY going on for the Degloshi Family

This story does tie into Paranormal Activity we swear. Below you will find some interesting footage along with some well placed tie-ins to the PA franchise. Read below fellow fiend for the goods.


Jacob Degloshi and his daughter Sarah have been the subject of some not so nice paranormal fun.¬†After doing some quick research on the interwebs, Jacob fixed the VHS tape that he found in Sarah’s luggage, and you can see Part 3 of its contents below.

From there things seemed to get progressively worse and spooky around the house…

Jacob then goes on to write…

Sarah is staying home from school, not feeling well. I think she’s a little freaked out by all the weird stuff going on. Can’t really afford it but we might stay in a hotel tonight. Wish I could make her feel better!

For those who missed the past several stories and are wondering what this is all about…

While surfing around looking for more Paranormal Activity 4 stuff to bring you, we came across the Facebook page, YouTube account and Twitter profile of one Mr. Jacob Degloshi of Henderson, Nevada. Who is he, you might ask? Really good question. The truth is we’re not sure.

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