TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD Episode 3

Last night the 3rd episode of “The Walking Dead” aired. Read on for my non-spoiler review!

Last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was a very poignant point in the show. The first season of the show the theme of the show was for the group to comprehend a society and fight to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. Season two was them learning how to survive and how to work as a group. This third season, so far, is measuring up to the show’s tagline: “Kill the Dead, fear the living.” This season the group is well-versed in survival and has got a group rhythm  to its surveil. The major issue they face now is how to deal with fellow survivors who are in the same predicament they are in. Humanity has been stripped down to its core, and its become a brutal struggle of survival of the fittest.

Last episode, we saw the group took refuge in a prison block and their goal was to secure most of the prison in order to get possible food supplies, medical supplies, and keep their groups safe. We also saw what could have been the demise of one of the group members (I am keeping the name hush because there ARE those who don’t’ have cable and won’t see the season as it happens). We were also introduced to Michonne and are given an small insight into who she is (no back story) and we see that Andrea has been surviving in a with Michonne. We were left with the group in the prison shoving their way into an empty room after almost getting run over by a large group of walkers (prisoners and guards). At the last second, we see a group of surviving prisoners hiding in the cafeteria.

This week, we saw the efforts not the parts of the men to clear the way to the infirmary and the cafeteria in order to get supplies. They have now encountered the small group of prisoners that survived the zombie apocalypse, but are obviously unaware of anything that has happened outside of the cafeteria and in the world. Rick explained to them that there was no military, no government, no sense of order, no hospitals. In shock, the prisoners agree to stick with them to clear out the mass of zombies outside the door. After an attempt at a mutiny, Rick realizes that the only people he can trust is himself and his group of survivors, and ends up taking control of the situation. In the mean time, the possible demise of one of the group members looks imminent, but with some stroke of luck, they are saved. This episode also did not focus on Michonne, or anyone else. However, the question remains: If there were some prisoners who survived, there must be others. How dangerous are these other survivors? That is the real fear this season.


Stay tuned NEXT WEEK for another episode of The Walking Dead, which has now been RESTORED to Dish subscribers! Everyone wins! Enjoy Dish subscribers, you are in for one heck of a ride this season! Catch up quick!

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