Here we are for another episode of Dexter! Read on for my synopsis of this past Sunday’s crazy episode!

This past Sunday, Dexter was back to his old shenanigans of hunting, killing, and struggling to stay normal in a very tight situation. We learned that this season, Deb is aware that Dexter was the real “Bay Harbor Butcher” (some connections haven’t been made, but in general she knows that he has killed a lot of serial killers and criminal low-lifes). Deb stated in last week’s episode that she understands Dexter’s need to kill, but doesn’t accept it. She also stated that things have changed between her and Dexter, and doesn’t know if they can be fixed. However, this week, we see that Deb’s mind may be changing.

After figuring out that Dexter’s “lizard brain” might be something to listen to, Deb checks out a suspect that Dexter has been “stalking” and after a run in with Speltzer (the serial killer) at his house (which reminded me of the first Saw), Deb is determined to catch the “son of a bitch.” Deb also realizes that Dexter may be a useful tool to her when she sees the law fail and unfold in front of her face.  Speltzer proved to be a worthy adversary for Dexter, after Dexter was knocked unconscious and was put into one of Speltzer’s “death mazes,” but outsmarted Speltzer and narrowly got away.

We also saw new developments with the Russian mob boss who is looking for Dexter since the last coordinates of a GPS tracking device that was built into a bracelet of a dead stripper was on Dexter’s boat. We saw in the first episode how Quinn’s new partner was gunned down after one of the mob boss’ henchman got a flat tire and the detective offered to fix it and opened the henchman’s trunk and seeing the dead stripper. In order to avoid the GPS tracker to be found, the henchman took it off the stripper and put it on himself, and later Dexter killed the henchman, not knowing that there was a GPS tracker in his bracelet. The mob boss’ agenda is completely off Dexter’s radar and looks to be Dexter’s very near future enemy.

Our next question is: Will Deb now understand and accept Dexter’s dark passenger and use him to get those who slipped through the cracks (like Speltzer)?? Will she become his accomplice? We will find out over the course of the season, of course.


Stay tuned for next week’s review of Dexter! Have a good week everyone!

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