The first EVER Truly Disturbing Award goes to SURVIVOR TYPE at the Everybody Dies Film Festival

This year TRULY DISTURBING GOES INTO SURVIVAL MODE with this years 1st annual Truly Disturbing award being handed out!  

From the opening credits of the first film to the very last one we here at Truly Disturbing had a very difficult choice to make. There were so many candidates that put out some very disturbing and entertaining films for our viewing pleasure and we congratulate you all!

In choosing a film we had to look at several factors aside from the obvious Truly Disturbing banner. We had to not only choose a film that could disturb us on a physical level, but on an emotional level as well. With that said when wracking our brains for a choice to helm the very first Truly Disturbing title there was clearly one choice. Our choice “SURVIVOR TYPE” is an amazing, terrifying, at times beautiful, and all around Disturbing cinematic experience that had us on more than one occasion cringe at the images unfolding on the screen.

Before we get to the review, have a peek at the official trailer for the film.


Directed by: Billy Hanson

Written by: Billy Hanson (adapted from a short story by Stephen King)

Cast: Gideon Emery as Richard Pine, P.J. Brown as Dr. Alan R. Hanson, Carolina Castro as Claire, and Cutty Cuthbert as Rob.

Running Time: 30 minutes

The story follows a disgraced surgeon, Richard Pine (Emery), who is stranded on an island with only a camera, a knife, and a crap load of drugs. The story follows him as he lives out his days battling against the elements and doing everything within himself to survive. Can he do it?

Let me just say right off the bat hell yeah he can. Billy Hanson who also adapted the screenplay from a short story written by Stephen King, took the source material and made it his own. Using the found footage sub-genre, being mainstreamed by the Paranormal franchise currently, he takes it and breathes not only fresh air into it, but manages to make it all around fresh again. In viewing this movie we see why the genre was even a hit in the first place… realism. Everything feels real about it. The dialogue feels real, the acting is extremely natural and the camera work is genius.  In a world full of films being put out with big price tags, but little substance this film is all substance made at a price that would barely pay for a 1/4 of Brad Pitt’s pinky. We don’t want to give away details of the story, because we feel Mr. Hanson’s work should be enjoyed for yourselves. We will however let you know that at face value the film is remarkable, and after taking time to think about the story and events that took place during the film we can say now it’s a masterpiece.

Stripping it down you get to see a character who’s past was laced with regrets and finds himself now at his personal rock bottom. His predicament also makes you examine yourself and ask that question as to whether or not you could do as he did in a survival situation. Would we be willing to go to the extremes to prove to ourselves that we’re worth it? As we mentioned in the brief synopsis Gideon Emery acts as Richard Pine who is a disgraced surgeon, which shows us he’s got some demons chasing him. After finding himself between a rock and a hard place, both metaphorically and literally, he gets a chance to prove to himself he’s not as disgraced as he thinks. Gideon Emery pulls together one of the most sincere and heartfelt performances I’ve seen this year. We spend the majority of the movie with this character so naturally he better be convincing. He’s convincing, well timed, and his charm lights up the screen every time he graces the screen, which is the whole movie what does that tell you? Emery lived and breathed Richard pine and it exuded from his every pore. He had us, the audience, holding onto his every move and as frequent moviegoers we have to thank Mr. Emery for giving us 30 minutes of biting nails, holding seats, and dropping jaws.

This film says a lot not only of the acting skills of Gideon, but says wonders of the directing and writing skills of Billy Hanson. The writing is so natural as stated earlier and the laughs are well timed. There was never a dull moment because each moment was dedicated to developing a connection to our main character. By the time our story reaches its climax it doesn’t stop. It doesn’t let go of you and forces you to witness the downward spiral of Pine (Emery) as he makes life altering decisions. The commitment to detail and character development makes this a stand out horror film. A horror film with a pulse that beats on time every time. Billy Hanson is a force to be reckoned with and to look out for in the future years because if this film is at all a foreshadow of his future releases, it’ll be solid gold on his horizon.

We do have to give extra kudos to the Special Makeup effects department in this movie headed up by Doug Murphy. The prosthetic effects that do exist in this film are spectacular! Like I mentioned realism was a major player in this movie and the makeup hit it out of the park. One of the standout scenes of the movie, which was also one of the deciding factors for the TRULY DISTURBING award, was gore-a-rifically accomplished by some of the best practical effects I’ve seen ever! For a whole minute you get a cut free look at the fruits of their labor and it’s enough to satisfy even the healthiest of gore appetites. The makeup performed on Mr. Emery from Day 1 of the film to the end were extremely detailed and the way they were gradually executed made the film feel that much more intense. By the time we get to what’s left of Emery’s character at the end of the film you can’t help but praise this department for a job well done!

Overall the film was a treat to see and till this day has our brains on over drive thinking about it. We’d like to thank first off Mr. Stephen King for writing such an amazing short story. Thank you Billy Hanson for taking this story and making it yours. Thank you to Sara Parrell and Jeff Smith the founders of the EVERYBODY DIES HORROR FILM FESTIVAL for inviting us into your awesome film festival! For any information on the EVERYBODY DIES FILM FESTIVAL you can visit their website HERE. Be sure to also visit their Facebook  page HERE and hit Like.

Finally Congratulations to Billy Hanson and the “SURVIVOR TYPE” crew on this award you have all earned it. Billy your vision for this film is truly deserving of this award and we honor you this day by deeming it TRULY DISTURBING. Thank you. You can find out information on “SURVIVOR TYPE” by visiting them at their Tumblr page HERE. You can also visit their IMDB page HERE  if you would like more information on production credits to movie photos. As always be sure horror fiends to visit us back here at Truly for all your horror needs.

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  1. October 23, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    Many thanks for the kudos and a great review! Now we can say we’re officially truly disturbing! Hehehe. All the best to all at TD.

    • October 28, 2012 at 11:12 PM

      Job Well done Gideon! Your performance was amazing! Keep up the good work!

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