Reverend Bob Larson brings THE REAL EXORCIST to Lifetime

“The Devil is a low motherfucker jack.” This quote from Richard Pryor is pretty spot on. Now we get to see what the devil really thinks about exorcisms and the lot with Lifetime’s new show The Real Exorcist. Read on for the details.

Reverend Bob Larson (pictured), will be doing his damnedest to get rid of the damned on Lifetime starting Wednesday, October 31st, at 11pm ET/PT.

The unscripted series follows Reverend Bob Larson as he attempts to “cure” the possessed. With over 10,000 exorcisms under his belt, Larson and his team – including his wife, Laura – confront demons while victims, often restrained, speak in tongues, bite, scratch and scream. In the Halloween night episode, it is a matter of life or death as Reverend Larson tries to help a suicidal young woman in Savannah, GA, who believes she has demons that want her dead. Later, an exorcism with a man in Oregon doesn’t quite end the way he or Reverend Larson had planned.

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